Monday, June 14, 2010

Not much quilting done..... I have been busy in my garden. Have to keep weeding, don't want them to get the best of me. The maple tree bonsai I started from a seed five years ago, it is now about 18 inches high. Now I don't really know much about bonsai, however, I am surprised that it looks as good as it does, even if I do say so myself. Just wish I could get the leaves to come in a bit smaller. The secret is getting enough nerve to dig it up and cut off some of the roots and re-pot it. The honeysuckle and roses have a lovely fragrance, I can really smell it today, as the air is quite heavy and sultry. Enjoy the flowers currently in bloom in my world.
Dd2, granddaughter5 and I went to Shedden on Sat. for their Rosy Rhubarb, village wide yard sale. Dd2 saw a number of items she would like to take home but the $$ were out of her price range. A beautiful antique buffet $1800.00 !!! Gd5 was looking longingly at some Barbie dolls and accessories, so Grandma could not resist spending $3.00 for the huge tub full of stuff.
On Sunday, OH and I went to the Rosy Rhubarb car show, even though it looked like rain. Thankfully not a drop fell on us, OH would not like anything to spoil the shine on his "baby".
I am thinking about starting some hand piecing for the Summer months, something that I can do sitting outside, as I hate being in during the nice weather. Been looking at English Paper Piecing and making Grandmothers Flower Garden pattern.