Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting back into the quilting groove and on a roll

I belong to a small guild and we make comfort quilts for chemo patients at our local hospital. At our October meeting we decided that if everyone made a block (the November block is to be red and white) we would have 16 blocks enough for a quilt. Here is my block which will go with me to tomorrow's meeting. It does not look square, but it is. Doing this block got me back into my sewing room. Previously I could not settle down and do anything, even though I had two projects that I wanted to do. One being my grand daughters wedding quilt and a wall hanging for myself. I found a pattern for the quilt see the picture below and purchased the fabric. I am using the colours that were in her wedding, and this is what I have done so far. The picture does not show the colours very well, they look a bit washed out from the flash.

The wall hanging for me is also finished. I took this picture when OH and I were on vacation in Florida during the Winter of 2009. The picture below is my interpretation of this same scene.
To all of the U.S. bloggers, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Friday, November 12, 2010

It never rains but it pours.....

Last week I had a tooth ache, go to the dentist. Xrays show that there could possibly to a bit of infection near the bottom of the root, so he gave me a Rx that I started taking last Friday. After a couple of days tooth ache was gone.
Monday, I had a rash forming on my body, to my Family Dr. I go, I have an allergic reaction to the Rx the dentist gave me. Dr. told me to get an over the counter allergy medication.
Tue, Wed, its getting worse, yesterday I go to Emergency at the hospital, given another Rx by the Dr there.
Today, I look like a red monster from outer space--I have huge red blobs all over, the skin around my eyes is swollen, I itch and feeling down right miserable. Not much sewing being done so far this week, or anything else for that matter.
Our guild makes quilts for chemo patients at our local hospital. At our October meeting we decided that if everyone made a block each month we would have 16 blocks for a quilt every month. The block that is due at the end of Nov is to be red and white, any pattern that we chose. I have the fabric cut out but that is as far as its got. I am sewing the binding on a wall hanging, and still doing some hexies. Photo's coming soon.
Today is going to be another beautiful day, I should be out picking up my leaves for the compost bin, but not in the mood. Maybe we will have a strong wind blowing soon and do the job for me.
My last posts all have mentioned the problems I am having, I think its about time for some positive words, don't you?

Have a great day.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I entertained three firemen last night

No.. I am not running a house of ill-repute.
All joking aside, this post is lengthy but hear me out as it contains a message that everyone should know about.
My garage is attached to my house, in that garage is my 1957 classic car, which was my late husband's pride and joy. During the wet cold months of Fall, Winter and Spring it never leaves the garage, but on a regular basis he always started up her Hemi. I am now trying to do this, but needed help to connect the battery, so #2 sil helped me last night. Opening up the garage door to let out the exhaust, we revved her up, she purred like a kitten for awhile then we turned off the motor.
I then settled down to watch TV and work on my hexies. At 10:15 I hear a shrill beeping sound, thinking it was my smoke detector I ran upstairs to see what the problem was, the Carbon Monoxide alarm was warning me of high levels of co2 in my house. Now I know this is a very serious problem, as it is known as the "Silent Killer". I got my phone and went outside and called 911. Enter the firemen, their monitors detected the co2 and they brought in huge fans, opened all the doors to rid the house of it. After all of their tests they concluded the exhaust from the car caused the problem. I mentioned to them that we have done this countless times and never had this happen before. They indicated that it was a still night , the air was heavy with the temperature hovering around zero C so the fumes stayed in the garage and during the evening seeped into the house through my back door. Because the engine was no longer running the co2 was not rising in the garage, but just the same the levels were high enough to make me ill if I was exposed to them for any length of time, as it was they were there for over 2 hours.
You may not have an old car, or your garage attached to your house, but all fossel burning appliances, create co2, and if not vented properly could cause serious problems.
Please, install at least one Carbon Monoxide detector in your home, push the "test" button each and every week, replace when instructions advise you to. When, or if your alarm is activated the sensor is saturated with co2 and your detector must be replaced.
Most important when alarm goes off, leave the house and call 911.
I am glad that I had one, listened to it, and did the appropriate actions.