Sunday, June 24, 2012

My world today....

Early last week we had a heat wave, however, on Thursday cooler weather brought some thunderstorms and rain.  At sunset there was a brief opening in the clouds, and it was still raining, the result was a beautiful sky and of course a rainbow, this photo does not capture the colours that were in the southeastern sky but, if you look close you can see two rainbows.  If you click on the pictures you can enlarge them.

Flowers in my garden today

Rose, sorry don't know the name of it.

Shasta Daisy

Day Lily




My three year bonsai I grew from seed

Voodoo Fuchsia

Balloon Flower


Topiary Bird/Animal?

Other flowers are just starting to bloom so a lot of colour at the present time.  This afternoon we are forecast some showers, so a bit of time will be spent in front of the sewing machine.
Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thank goodness........relax

Today, is the end of a stressful and emotional ten days for me, which included phone calls and e-mails from one end of the country to another.  It  may not have been an earth shattering situation for anyone else, but for me it was.  I will not bore you with the details, but suffice to say, it was not a matter of illness or life or death.   When I feel this way I fill the day with tasks that need no concentration, such as gardening.  My garden has never looked better, all the weeds are gone, so I did accomplish something. Obviously no sewing or quilting done, or I would be doing more reverse sewing than necessary. 

What I did do was asks myself a lot of questions, and answered back, it's difficult not being able to bounce ideas and questions off of  someone else.  My children would have/could have helped, however, this was something that I had to do myself.
Am I doing the right thing?  Of course you are, you made the decision months ago. 

Will I have any regrets?  No, it is the right and only sensible decision.

Could it have been handled in a less stressful way?  Likely, but at the time you did what you thought was the best way to proceed.  In the end it has worked out OK for you.

Will it affect my family in a negative way?  No, this is your decision and yours alone, your family will not suffer any ill effects. 

Did or will they question my actions now or in the future?  No, they are OK with what you are doing.

Could it have turned out better than it did?  Yes, it likely would have prior to now but,  as it happened you had no control of any of these circumstances.

Are you happy with the result?  Yes, you are and hopefully by this time next week someone else will be.  A worry, (concern) has now been lifted on your shoulders, ......relax.

Putting my thoughts down in black and white makes me feel  a lot better, my headache is gone and everything is alright with the world again.  Thanks for reading.

A One block Wonder is up on the wall and I can start re-arranging the blocks, again, at some point in time I will have to say enough is enough.  Sandwich the quilt I have made for my bed and also do the same for my grand daughter's quilt.  Time to get at it and get back to work.

The immediate tasks at hand are to do some errands and grocery shop for some fresh veg.

Have a great afternoon, I will


Monday, June 4, 2012

Memories........1953 Coronation

Did anyone watch the Queen's Jubilee pageant on the River Thames yesterday?
I did sit in front of the tv for a while, quite an undertaking, but it did get a bit boring.  Actually being there would have made it more exciting.  The weather did not co-operate, does it ever in the UK, but being British everyone mustered on come rain or shine. My Mum's favourite saying when we were caught out in the rain and not prepared with a mac, wellies or a brolly,  "your not made of sugar you won't melt".    The Royals must have been frozen to the bone, however, I bet they were well fortified,  prior to boarding the boat and definitely after when arriving back at the palace.
At some point in the program a woman from the crowd was being interviewed, she was holding a piece of ribbon she had saved from the coronation in 1953. This brought back memories of what I did on coronation day.  Back in '53 I was living in England and remember all the children dressing up in fancy costume.  I was Queen Victoria, wearing a light mauve bridesmaid dress, with leg-o-mutton sleeves, a home made ruffled collar and a sash with fake jewels and badges completed my outfit. My long hair was put up in some kind of bun and on top was a tiara.  My younger sister was Little Bow Peep,  Mum made her a dress that resembled the one that is always shown in picture books.  The previous night a neighbour curled her hair in rags and then in the morning made it into ringlets and Dad made a crook.  Instead of sheep, she had a live baby goat.  Needless to say she won first prize.
All the children were given a mug, here is a photo of mine.  It has travelled thousands of miles since '53, and couldn't go all that distance without some kind of mishap.  (Note to myself, get handle repaired.)
I belonged to "GFS" "Girls Friendly Society",  which I remember as being  much like a combination of CGIT, "Canadian Girls In Training" and Girl Guides.  After the Coronation all the girls were taken to London to see  the Crowns etc. that were used in the ceremony.
Do you have memories of Coronation Day, 1953?.