Saturday, June 1, 2013


To take advantage of the cheaper ?? electric /hydro I now do my laundry on Saturday.  Today was a bit iffy to hang on the line, but eventually it did dry, thanks to the stiff breeze.  Just finished ironing, all done now until next week.

As I was ironing a few days ago I burnt the palm side of two fingers on my right hand, (now I am almost healed) and I mentioned it on my FB page,.  I could not believe the comments I received..."if you plug that thing in it gets hot?", "I thought it was a kitchen decoration", "iron, what is iron?" and on and on it went.  So I got thinking.  Do you iron?

I know my quilty friends do, but do you iron clothes?  I am dating myself here, however, I grew up and was a young home maker prior to the permanent press age, when you had to  iron practically everything.   You were one of the lucky ones if you had a steam iron, so the task really wasn't a pleasant one.   After damping the clothes I would put them in the freezer, couldn't leave them in the basket for too long in the Summer heat and humidity, they would go mouldy,  (no A/C either), so  I would  take out a few at a time.  As I remember, the frozen clothes did not cool you off.

So back to my question -- Do you have an "ironing" day  to press your clothes after you do your laundry?   Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel neat and tidy unless my clothes are wrinkle free. 


Windows 8

With the advancement of the technical age these days, my desk top and lap top computers were ancient by today's standards.  Slower than molasses in January.   So I decided to purchase a new lap top. As mentioned in my previous post, my knowledge of computers is zero, so my son who is an IT manager with a large home appliance company, set it up for me.  Thank you, RB.  Now I am just playing around with it, to become comfortable with Windows 8. 

It was important to me to have a reliable computer, to keep in contact with friends and relatives across the pond, and you, my blogger friends.  I do use my computer and books as dinner companions, which goes against all of the rules I was taught, but rules are meant to be broken.  

On the quilting note, I have started a new wall hanging, as well as working on other WIP's.  Allotting myself an hour and a half each day to get into my sewing room.  There are so many things to do at this time of the year, and I was not giving myself any time for my quilting.   The dust deep enough to write my name and those  weeds and long grass will still be there when my sewing time has expired.

Have a good weekend everyone.