Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Only a few more days...........

remaining in the coldest February we have had in many years, and only a few more days before this  cold snap is predicted to end. Here's hoping the new month will bring temps above the freezing mark and melt some of the snow. 

Cutting some fabric today for the "Guixi girls" quilt blocks.  Sewing them tomorrow, I have set a goal for myself to get them done and sewn together during the month of March, while at the same time also working on DD1 quilt blocks too. 

I have been very lazy when it has come to doing my daily walks this Winter, and I am afraid to step on the scales  as I know I have put on some weight.  So have to be more aware of what I am eating and reduce the serving sizes.   More fresh fruits and vegetables are going to be on my plates from now on.  Additional exercise is also going to help as I will be more active in the coming weeks removing the wallpaper from a spare bedroom and painting the walls and the woodwork.   Getting  new drapes and then shampooing  the carpet.  Yes, Spring cleaning will be in full swing. 

Off to the monthly Jazz concert tonight.

We have another beautiful sunny day, but still cold.

Hope you have a great day.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Too nice to stay in today.......

When we woke up this a.m. the sun was just starting to rise with a promise of a sunny day, grant you it was to be very cold, but just too nice to stay inside.

Recently there has been several articles on TV and in the newspaper concerning the very cold temperatures which has caused a lot of ice to form at Niagara Falls.  In previous Winters the weather never seemed to co-operate for me to see it cloaked in ice.   So today being a nice sunny day we loaded the car with our Winter coats and boots and also some warm scarves, hats and mitts and went for a drive.

The Falls were quite spectacular, with huge mountains of ice estimated to be at least ten stories high, the river was completely frozen over and the mist covered the trees and the metal and brick railings with a thick coating of ice.  Didn't have my camera with me so sorry no photo's. Due to the extremely cold temperatures which have been gripping the area for some time, the ice is very thick and is estimated to take until June to completely melt.

It is off season around the falls area and it was like a ghost town, many hotels and bed and breakfasts' were closed, as were some restaurants and the always present  attractions which lure you in to see their strange presentations.

My social life seems to be cutting in on the sewing time,  so no stitches done today.  If the weather is still fine tomorrow I am off to see my Mum, but do plan on being home earlier enough to get into the sewing room for an hour or two.  

Well, had a full day so it is getting time for bed.

Hope you all had a good day.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Can you believe it.......................

Yes, after thirteen days......................I now have a working phone.   However, there is one more call to make, to see what compensation I can get for all those days of being without a phone.

It's not all about the money, it was a safety issue.  I am a very active senior and living alone, and quite able to take care of myself, however, there could have been an emergency when I needed to call 911 for assistance.  I could have fallen and not been able to get to my cell phone.  On the other hand someone could be trying to contact me with an emergency, and my cell  phone was being charged.  So many things could have happened, thankfully nothing did.

Another beautiful sunny day, but damn cold.  This weather makes your nostrils freeze as you breath in air and never, never touch any metal with a bare hand. 

I did get quite a lot of sewing done yesterday afternoon, I am liking the way the blocks are looking on my DD!'s quilt.

Gotta make that call, wish me luck.

Have a great day.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beautiful Sunshine...........

It is a nice bright day, however, very very cold.  The low tonight is suppose to go down to -28*C, factor in the wind and it is going to be even colder.   The newspaper this a.m. was reporting that it has been the coldest February since the 1930's and we can look forward to this cold for the balance of the month and March is forecast colder than normal.   Spring will get here just in time for Autumn.  LOL

Still no phone, but have to tell you how unprofessional some people can be.   I was not informed a technician would be coming to my house again today, so decided to get my hair cut and get some groceries.   My phone rings while in the store, it is Bell, a male voice asks me to go and see if my neighbour is home.   No, I won't and couldn't  because I was at the grocery store,  was my reply.   What are you doing in the grocery store you are suppose to be at home, said the voice on the other end.   Needles to say, that got me going again.

Did get a few blocks completed yesterday, plan on doing some more today.

Should get some housework done also, so going to be a busy afternoon.

Gotta go.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Phone update............

Venting here so if you don't want to read this, that is OK..

The technician arrived at 3:40p.m. and confirmed the problem was in a cable in my neighbours back yard.     He goes to the neighbours to repair the cable, however, the gate is locked, and no one was home, so he cannot gain access.  We have gone through this exercise a week ago.

He returns to my home and tells me it is now  my responsibility to contact the neighbour, ask them to leave the gate open so they can get in to fix the cable.  The conversation went something like this.   Me..... wait a minute it's Bell Canada's equipment, not mine,  why should I be one to contact the neighbour...  Him.... It's your neighbour you should contact them and ask for admittance for Bell Canada.  I could feel my voice getting louder and louder.  After a heated discussion, (read argument), I told him to leave my house.!!!!  Never told anyone to do that before.

I did speak to the neighbour, however, he cannot leave his gate open as he has a dog.  So wondered, how  could I co-ordinate his being home and making another appointment for the techie to come, because I would be flipping from one person to another and not getting any where.

Cell phone ringing:

Just received a call from the Executive Office, and was advised, it is not my responsibility to contact neighbour.  The woman I spoke to advised she has been on Google to look at the property and  it looks as if a fence in the neighbours yard is infringing onto the easement for Bell Canada to access their equipment,  so it looks as if the city is going to be involved in this issue. 

Sounds as if  we have disturbed a hornets nest here, I don't care what is disturbed just as long as my phone is repaired.

If you did read this, thanks I feel so much better.  



We had more snow overnight and light snow still coming down.   It is not as cold, did you notice I didn't say, it was warmer.   lol 

Another scheduled appointment missed by Bell Canada, yep....... they were a no show again yesterday.  My calls to them are transferred to representatives  all over the world, however, they are unable to have a technician, who more than likely lives in the same city as me, come and fix my phone.

But....they are coming today.............we shall see.
Went to dinner and theatre with friends last night, the play was OK, not one that I would say, you have to see it.   However, it's always a good evening with these "girls" even if the performance is not to our liking. 

Don't really need to go out today, so it is going to be a full day of sewing.   Hoping to have a big pile of blocks finished by days end.

No much else to say today,

Hope you have a great day.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Frustrated ............

So it's been ten (10) days, and frustrated is putting it mildly as my phone is still not repaired.

 Called Ma Bell again today, the young man I was talking to was very pleasant but speaking with an accent that was difficult for me to understand, so I asked him where he was located..........."India".......was his reply.  I then requested to speak with someone located in Canada, " Can I speak French" he said to me.   Me to him, "No, what difference should that make", He, "There are only French speaking Bell technicians in Canada that could help me over the telephone". 
What.....Bell Canada.....Eh.

So to put a long story short, by long I mean a call of almost an hour!!!!  Another technician is coming to my house sometime this afternoon to see what the problem is.  

Going in my sewing room this afternoon and busy myself in the quilt blocks I am making, so as to forget how mad, angry, frustrated and other words which I will not print here to describe how I feel about Bell.

Hope you are having a great day.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Very cold weekend................

and it is continuing today, albeit a bit warmer.  The sun is shining so that is making me feel a bit better about Winter.

Worked on the binding on DD2's quilt, it's queen size and it seems to be taking quite a while to go around it.

Next week going to do some painting in my house and also pick up a new can of paint for a bedroom, but first need to remove the old wall paper.  It is going to be a busy week.

Hope you have a great day.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Winter can go ........

I am so tired of the snow, wind and cold.  Snow over night and now the wind is blowing it all over the place, the only consolation, the sun is shining.  Low temp forecast for tonight is -23*C.

Update on my phone....................nothing,  promises and more promises, no sense calling the carrier during the weekend, if they can't get anything done during a week day chances slim to nil on Sat and Sun.  You can be sure they will get a piece of my mind on Monday.

Hope you have a good day,


Friday, February 13, 2015

Guess what happened......

Absolutely nothing...................  my phone is still not working.   Another call to Ma Bell, have you ever tried to explain to someone who is located, heaven only knows somewhere in this world,  that the problem is with a cable not at my address but in a cable box located on property behind my house.  The technical department is now telling me, my phone will be working by 9:00 p.m. tonight.   I am taking bets, my money is on it will not be repaired, anyone else!!!.

February 13th, this is my only grandson's birthday, he is 26 years old,  how did he get that old.  He is now engaged to his girlfriend of 5 years and a wedding is planned for 2016.   With all the quilts that are on my list "to do" I should soon start thinking of their wedding quilt.

At the present time, an installer is putting  new flooring in my "new" sewing room.   In the coming weeks I will explain the "new".   Going to keep you guessing. 

Making lazy man's cabbage rolls for dinner, with strawberry shortcakes for dessert.  The strawberries were imported from the U.S. and I might say, are absolutely delicious a lot better than some I have purchased at this time of the year.

Have a great day.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sunny Thursday

Still out of touch with the world on my land line.   Technician discovered a faulty cable in a junction box several houses away from me.  As he is not able to change cables, my work order has been transferred to the cable division.   Should be repaired this a.m.......we shall see.

We had a dusting of snow overnight, the forecast called for a lot more.  The wind is starting to blow the new fall of snow around, so more drifts will start to form.  There was a beautiful sunrise this a.m.  blue skies and some clouds as I write, and it is cold. 

During the waiting yesterday p.m. I worked on the "girls" quilts and also took pics of the 120---4 1/2 inch blocks which will be in the quilt for my DD1.

Her choice of colour for her quilt was earth tones, lots of browns, beige, ivory and some white.  There is also a fabric in that pile which has a touch of green in it, however, not shown. 

The photo below, (a very poor one, sorry, memo to self, change date in camera),  is a picture of the quilt I am making for her.  Here it is shown scrappy with a lot of different coloured fabric, mine, of course, will be the earth tones.   Most of the fabric is cut for the "point units" and "center units", which will be started this afternoon.

Doing some errands again this a.m.  and also get something for my Valentine.  I already have an arrangement of beautiful flowers but was also told to get dressed up for Saturday....Ummm  got me wondering now.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Out of touch....

That is the way I am feeling today, why? my home phone is not working.    I do have a cell phone,  but I feel disconnected  (no pun intended) from the phone on the wall with the long cord attached to it.  

I use Bell Canada for my home phone, so I called them to make a report and  "speak" to a machine and go through all of those "please press one for......or two for... or three for....."  and then go through the same process again and again,  while "Miss Bell" asks numerous questions, you  know the procedure.  The last question, "please provide a telephone number so the technician can get in touch with you"....What!!!!...   I am on my cell phone,  you have to understand I do not use my cell phone a lot, well almost never,  my children have a lot to say about that, however, that is another story.  So.....back to the cell phone number?  how many times do you call yourself on your cell phone?  Do you know your cell phone number?   I don't know my number.  I hang up, find the number and write it down.  

Memo to self....memorize your cell phone number.  

I dial "Miss Bell" again and go through the entire procedure again, and finally given a window between 12:00 noon and 5:00 p.m. in which the technician will call me.  Darn...I will have to stay in and sew all afternoon.

Visited my Mum yesterday, last week she received her new hearing aids, and is now complaining the ticking clock, the fridge motor and the furnace noises are so loud she can't hear her TV.  LOL   Now, if we could only get her eyes to see as they should she would be 100%, however, that is not to be.  She is well and happy, so can't ask for much more.  Honoured the February portion of my Christmas IOU by giving her a bunch of  purple tulips. 

Hope you all have a great day.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Better late than never....

Almost forgot to post today.

Well, Sunday turned out to be a nasty day for weather.   Freezing rain, ice pellets and some snow, grant you, not a lot of it but just enough to make driving or walking a slippery task.

This afternoon we went to a concert with the Musicians of  Orchestra London, with singer Sonia Gustafson.   The performance was titled "Broadway" and of course all of the music was from some of the showstoppers of past years.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.

No sewing done today.

Hope you  had a great day.


Friday, February 6, 2015

As promised....

.......................the camera battery is charged.

As I have previously mentioned, I am making six lap top quilts for the "Guixi" girls.   My youngest daughter and hubby, along with five other couples all met when this group was going to China to adopt their 9 month old daughters.  These babies were all in the same Guixi orphanage during the first months of their lives and adopted at the same time. 

During the past 16 years these families have had weekend reunions in the Summer and these girls have become very close,  sisters is the way they describe themselves.   Now all of the girls are 17 years old  (I should call them young ladies) and will soon be heading farther afield to universities or colleges and in the years to come work and/or travel could take them to places unknown.   These yearly reunions could be coming to an end, however, I wanted to make something that each one of them could take with them, wherever they go, to keep their "sisters" close.  I know social media can do that, however, I wanted something more personal.  

At last year's reunion I had each girl write something and sign a 6 1/2 inch piece of fabric, they did not know why and still have no idea. 

This past week I have started to make the blocks and below is the one I will be making.

These are a few of the oriental themed fabrics I am using for the blocks.  

I am going to add additional blocks,  to bring it to the lap top size.

In August it is my daughters turn to host the reunion, and I plan to give the girls,  young ladies their quilts at that time.

Have a great day................


Thursday, February 5, 2015

So much energy......

.......this morning, must be due to the beautiful sunshine which has a lot of heat in it and is melting the snow on the driveway and my front deck even though it  -11*C.

Busy this morning as I have been out and about doing a number of errands that demanded my attention.

One of the stops was at a local fabric shop, no.....not looking for fabric, purchasing a zipper for my  winter jacket.  I had called two local tailors and the prices they quoted me were a lot more than I was expecting,  I could have purchased a new jacket, (on sale, of course) for the prices they were charging.  So one of the tasks this morning was to go to the local fabric  not to purchase fabric....... a new zipper, so for $10.00 I am going to do it myself.  Just have to take a little extra time, the jacket is reversible.  When I made clothes for my two daughters and myself years ago, I installed lots of zippers so it can't be too difficult.

The battery for my camera is now charging so some photos will soon come to show what I have been going on in my sewing room. 

Must get going..................

Have a great day


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You guessed it......

More snow overnight, only a couple of inches, which is not much really, but when it is added to the  snow we received on the weekend the piles keep getting deeper and deeper.  My snow angel, not the one I made as a child by laying in the snow and moving my arms to make "wings".   No, this angel is my neighbour, he is blowing the snow out of my driveway, again.   I would be housebound if it wasn't for him.

I remove the snow from my front porch, if I didn't the mail delivery person may not leave my mail.
However, by the end of 2015 that is not going to be an issue any more.  In recent years, whenever a new housing development is built, banks of mail boxes have been installed.  Each household is  assigned a box, their mail is delivered to these and the people living in those developments  go and pick up their own mail from the boxes.  These types of mail boxes are going to be erected  in  existing neighbourhoods across the city where I live.  

 It is going to be difficult for seniors and people with mobility issues to pick up their mail, however,   in the correspondence which has been issued by Canada Post, it states,  assistance will be given to these people, however, they will be required to apply for this help.  

Do you have to pick up your mail from mail boxes or do you receive delivery to your door?

Time is ticking away.........must get going

Have a great day.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Early Spring?????

As the old tale goes............If the groundhog does not see it's shadow we will have an early Spring, if it does see it's shadow there will be six more weeks of Winter. Either way we still have to get through February and part of March, and if the first day of this month is an indication of what is in store for us, I am going back into hibernation.  All day yesterday and over night it snowed, and measuring it this a.m. we had 8-9 inches, and where it has drifted there is over a foot of snow.  It is also cold with a current temp of -12*C and with the wind blowing it feels a lot colder.

A good day to stay in and work on the binding of DD2's quilt so it can be called a finish.

Not much else to say today, so have a good day and stay warm.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

More snow

February is starting out white as we have had fine snow falling all morning.  It is only -3*C out so not too cold.

Went to the movies last night and then on the spur of the moment went to the casino.   I am not one to frequent these establishments, as I have worked hard for my money and do not intend on throwing it in a machine.  It was fun, and we did came  home $1.40 richer. 

Today we have the fireplace crackling away, Dave is planning to watch the Super Bowl, I have a book and a quilt to bind, so we will be comfy and cozy.

Have a great day.