Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Phone update............

Venting here so if you don't want to read this, that is OK..

The technician arrived at 3:40p.m. and confirmed the problem was in a cable in my neighbours back yard.     He goes to the neighbours to repair the cable, however, the gate is locked, and no one was home, so he cannot gain access.  We have gone through this exercise a week ago.

He returns to my home and tells me it is now  my responsibility to contact the neighbour, ask them to leave the gate open so they can get in to fix the cable.  The conversation went something like this.   Me..... wait a minute it's Bell Canada's equipment, not mine,  why should I be one to contact the neighbour...  Him.... It's your neighbour you should contact them and ask for admittance for Bell Canada.  I could feel my voice getting louder and louder.  After a heated discussion, (read argument), I told him to leave my house.!!!!  Never told anyone to do that before.

I did speak to the neighbour, however, he cannot leave his gate open as he has a dog.  So wondered, how  could I co-ordinate his being home and making another appointment for the techie to come, because I would be flipping from one person to another and not getting any where.

Cell phone ringing:

Just received a call from the Executive Office, and was advised, it is not my responsibility to contact neighbour.  The woman I spoke to advised she has been on Google to look at the property and  it looks as if a fence in the neighbours yard is infringing onto the easement for Bell Canada to access their equipment,  so it looks as if the city is going to be involved in this issue. 

Sounds as if  we have disturbed a hornets nest here, I don't care what is disturbed just as long as my phone is repaired.

If you did read this, thanks I feel so much better.  



Mary said...

How frustrating - and how I hate anything to do with phone companies, in fact I even hate phones!!! Glad you stood your ground on this issue - they were in the wrong!

Brrrrr! so cold here - it's like living up there in Canada with you, ha ha!!!!

Hugs - Mary

Barb H said...

O. M. G! This is becoming out of control! Why can't they just do their jobs!