Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Out of touch....

That is the way I am feeling today, why? my home phone is not working.    I do have a cell phone,  but I feel disconnected  (no pun intended) from the phone on the wall with the long cord attached to it.  

I use Bell Canada for my home phone, so I called them to make a report and  "speak" to a machine and go through all of those "please press one for......or two for... or three for....."  and then go through the same process again and again,  while "Miss Bell" asks numerous questions, you  know the procedure.  The last question, "please provide a telephone number so the technician can get in touch with you"....What!!!!...   I am on my cell phone,  you have to understand I do not use my cell phone a lot, well almost never,  my children have a lot to say about that, however, that is another story.  So.....back to the cell phone number?  how many times do you call yourself on your cell phone?  Do you know your cell phone number?   I don't know my number.  I hang up, find the number and write it down.  

Memo to self....memorize your cell phone number.  

I dial "Miss Bell" again and go through the entire procedure again, and finally given a window between 12:00 noon and 5:00 p.m. in which the technician will call me.  Darn...I will have to stay in and sew all afternoon.

Visited my Mum yesterday, last week she received her new hearing aids, and is now complaining the ticking clock, the fridge motor and the furnace noises are so loud she can't hear her TV.  LOL   Now, if we could only get her eyes to see as they should she would be 100%, however, that is not to be.  She is well and happy, so can't ask for much more.  Honoured the February portion of my Christmas IOU by giving her a bunch of  purple tulips. 

Hope you all have a great day.


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