Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I am still here

Oh my gosh! I can't believe its been a month since I last posted, not much news to write about really.
I have, however, been browsing your blogs and leaving a comment here and there,    

Summer is such a busy time. All the rain and humid weather we have had recently has kept me busy pulling weeds and cutting the grass which seems to grow overnight.  My flowers are loving this  weather and producing lots of beautiful blooms.

Having just said there was not much happening around my house..... I have a utility pole in my back garden, and the city is replacing a lot of these poles in my neighbourhood.  A large truck is currently parked outside my house with a huge vacuum hose attached to it.   The workmen have advised they are going to be sucking out the soil for the new pole.  Apparently they don't dig holes any more.   I knew this was going to happen so have dug up the perennials in that area, and they are now all in pots.  I have been told they will likely have to stay there for at least three months or maybe more until this job is finished.   I hate being in limbo like this, but can't do anything about it. just keep the plants alive and put up with it.

Going to watch to see if they put my bird bath back in it's place, it's much to heavy for me to move.