Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


A night of many sleeps, none which did a lot of good, because.........In London, during the night we had some intense thunderstorms and lots of rain.  Warnings for tornadoes were issued for the area, and this morning news of one possibly touched down.   Have not heard anymore at this point in time.  When arriving in St Thomas, it appears the overnight weather was no so bad, as not much water was in the rain gauge. 

Busy weekend gardening and doing a lot of errands.  

The house sale is looking even better today.

After posting this, I will be going to visit my Mother, then going out for dinner with past co-workers, then if I can stay awake I plan on getting in the sewing room for awhile and doing some more on the six quilts.

Must go,    have a great day.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Computer down...........

Took my lap top to be checked on Friday,  I wish I knew more than I do about computers, maybe, I should take a course this Winter.

Back on line again now.

The house sale is looking a lot more positive than it was, had an open house for real estate agents and one for the public on Thursday and  on Friday, had two showings.   Words from my agent, sound promising.

At dinner last night, Dave asked me if I wanted to go on an adventure!!!.   (He is a sweetheart)  Of course I said yes, not even knowing what it was all about.   The see if there were any "rush seats" available for the Shania Twain concert.    We were able to get two great seats, close enough to feel the heat from the flames they set off on the stage.   A very Las Vegas type show, with all of her popular songs and some I had not heard before.  Lots of lights, flames, fireworks and videos and confetti.  
Did some errands and then some gardening today.   It became very humid during the afternoon, which wasn't to pleasant. But,'s Summer tomorrow,  so can't expect anything different here in S.W. Ontario.

Hope you all had a great day.



Thursday, June 18, 2015

No rocking

No, there was no rocking me to sleep last night.

Most of the chores on my list from yesterday were completed.   Both front and back lawns were cut and trimmed and then the flower beds looked a bit weedy, so I gave all of those a quick going over.   If I do say so myself, the place looks quite nice, flowers ( I only have perennial's in my garden now) are starting to bloom one after another, so always a bit of colour showing.

I did do the three quilt tops, but only two backings are done, (had to add a stripe of fabric to the two sides)  so only two quilts, top and backing are ready to go to the quilter today. 

My car cost me a bundle,  but it was cheaper than buying a new one. The bill arrived yesterday for the maintenance and cleaning of the furnace, fireplace, and A/C. that was no little sum either. 
Does not take long for a few hundred dollars to slip through the fingers, does it? 

While having my dinner last night, I had a visitor.   My patio doors are right beside my dining table, and a cute little baby rabbit came right up to the screen, if it had been open I am sure it would have hopped right in.   No camera handing for a picture.   I was having a salad and it's little nose was twitching, wonder if it could smell the lettuce.

Well can't dawdle too long this morning, so better get a move on.

Hope you have a great day.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Open Houses----Update

Have to be out of my house tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and noon, so real estate agents can come in a go through my house.  Then in the evening open house for people to come in between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00p.m.  Real estate agent doing it during the week because of Father's Day this weekend.  A showing on Friday morning 10:45 - 11:45.

Will have to find something to do during those hours.  I am sure I can.

Here it is 1:30, so I am making a list of everything I need to get done before 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.

1     Finish the third quilt top, just four pieces of sashing.  Done...three quilt tops done.

2.   Add a strip of fabric to backing of said quilts so that I can drop them off tomorrow for quilting.

3.   Pick up my car, (it's in the repair shop).  Car will not be ready for about 2 hrs, time to cut the grass.  Done... but had to shell out a tidy sum.

4.   Mow the lawns.  (This will take about 2 hours.)  Done

5.   Make sure house is tidy

6.   Dinner.   Currently having that now.

7.    Sleep

8.    Get up, breakfast, shower and tidy bathroom. 

I will keep you updated as these chores get completed.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


After few wet days, today we have blue skies for a change.   The humidity from yesterday has gone, and with  a nice breeze it is becoming a lovely day.

House is neat and tidy and just waiting for the photographer to come and take pics for the new real estate agent.   Don't want to get into the sewing room, as I always have so many things laying around, so will have to wait until after lunch.  The garden is too wet to get into it at the present time, so I will see how much I can get done, as I want to get at least three of the quilt tops completed by week's end..

If you have been reading my blog for while, you know that I like to garden.  Thirteen years ago one of my GD's gave me two maple keys (seeds) to plant.  They both grew and she now has one in her front garden, which is about 15 feet or more tall.  The other, I kept and decided to make it a bonsai.  This tree has been give many years of tender care and bending the branches into a desirable shape.  I must tell you, I know very little about bonsai.  At this point in time it is doing well, however, it always had .large leaves, instead of small ones.  Last Winter I was told to cut all of the leaves off during the first week of June............that was a drastic move, but did it anyway.  Today I can see some small leaves starting to grow.  Quite pleased about that.

Update:  Had to put lap top away, pictures done, lunch eaten, and now I am off to the sewing room.

Hope you are having a great day.


Monday, June 15, 2015


My GGD and I made it through Friday with no problems, a walk to the park was cancelled due to some rain, however, we did go outside in it.   She with her rubber boots and raincoat and me under the big sunshade, blowing bubbles and she trying to catch them.  Colouring, painting and stickers kept us busy for quite a long time.  Snacks and a drink, but no naps for this little madam.   A lot of fun, and I didn't need any rocking to sleep that night.

Saturday we did some gardening and watched the hockey game.

Sunday a 65th birthday lunch for my friend's sister-in-law, ate much too much food, but it was so good.   Visited his sister during the late afternoon and evening.  She has MS as is doing OK at the present time, but you can see it is taking a toll on her.

Today was errand day.   It is very humid and quite uncomfortable,  the clouds are preventing all of the extra heat from making it feel even worse.

I have a quilt binding and label to sew on later today.

Tomorrow the new real estate broker will be talking photo's of the house, so have to make sure every thing is spic and span.

Hope you are having a great day.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Making some progress.

Sewing for an hour each morning before I do anything else is an excellent idea.   One quilt top is complete and the second only a few seams away from completion, only four more to do.  My goal is to have all six tops done by next week, so that I can send them off to the quilter and have them back in plenty of time to bind before the end of July.

A decision I made a couple of months ago has turned out to be a wrong one.  I put my house up for sale with a broker who provides all the necessaries for selling property, however, I had to do all the work myself.  I did that hoping I would be able to save a bundle in commission.   After re-thinking the situation, I have decided to hire a real estate agent, and we are meeting today. 

Lots of jobs on the do.. list today.   Trim and cut both the front and back lawns,  AC getting its annual maintenance,  real estate broker meeting, deliver a birthday gift and pick up some groceries.

Just received a call from DGD#2, asking if I would look after my great grand daughter for a few hours tomorrow while she goes on a school trip with her son.   DGGD is three going on 10 years old, and I have not looked after her before, so I can see an interesting time tomorrow.

Must get myself moving,

Have a great day.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Good evening

Better late than never, so they say, who ever THEY are.

I was up early this morning and did an hour of sewing before breakfast. 

Then the plan for today was to pick up flowers for my Mum and get an early start for her house, however, after filling the car with gas, the ABS and skidding lights came on.   I don't like it when lights appear where there should be none.  Now, I do know what it means when they come on during the Winter when its slippery, but not when the roads are clear. So off I go to the garage, the car was tested and I need to have a new sensor, (more money, its not the part, its the labour that makes the repair bill so high) however, they could not do it today, but told me it was OK to drive the car.  Resumed by initial plan and visited Mum, she is such an amazing person, no one would ever guess she will be 98 years in August.  We had a great visit, lots of laughs.

The weather forecast today was for heavy rains, thunder storms which could spawn tornados, however, thank goodness, the forecast was wrong, at least in my neck of the woods.

Decided I need to take a closer look at the foods I am eating, well not necessarily the foods but the size of the servings.  As I have  either gained a few pounds here and there, or all of my Summer clothes have shrunk over the Winter, I am sure it is the latter.  lol.
I it wouldn't  hurt me if I walked a bit more than I am.   Now, if I remember correctly, was this not one of my New Years resolutions.

If you made any, are you still sticking to your resolutions,

Well the clock is indicating that it is getting close to bedtime.

Sleep well.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015


We had more showers overnight, which made the garden too wet to work in, the sky did clear around noon, so its looking like a nice sunny afternoon.

Plan on sewing this afternoon, want to get at least one of the six quilts put together today, hoping to get them all done by the end of the month, so during July I can sew the binding in place.

Now lunch is in order and then must get moving or the day will be over before I get started.

Have a good day.


Monday, June 8, 2015

Wet Monday

Late last evening, during the night and this morning we have had showers and cooler temps.  The rain is needed so cant complain.  Glad I transplanted some phlox yesterday.

Busy but pleasant day with both of the birthday girls yesterday, they grow up so fast don't want to miss any of those mile stones.  In just a couple of weeks the children will be finished the school year and on holidays for the Summer.

Hoping to be able to get tickets to see a Fringe Festival performance tonight, it has had some good reviews, so keeping our fingers crossed.

No much to say on this ho hum day.

Hope you are having a good day.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lovely weekend.

The annuals I planted in urns and window boxes last weekend are coming along nicely.  The Clematis  at my house and the one where I am going to be living are out in full bloom and look lovely, the roses are also out and smell heavenly. 

A full day yesterday, early in the morning went to a car show, a lot bigger than in previous years, which means more money will be going to the charities.  Walked around at looked at the cars and made out our wish list, which will never get filled.   Watched the Dancing Tractors, which was a lot of fun.  It was a lovely sunny day so enjoyed it immensely  In the evening went to a local theatre, as saw The Rhinestone Cowgirl,  music from Dolly Parton, we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Two tired old people made it to bed at midnight.

Today we attended two birthday parties, one for a 7year old grand daughter during the afternoon  and another for a 13 year old grand daughter at a restaurant for dinner.

A light shower in the evening, which did nothing but wet everything wet, not enough to do any good.

Well I think this weekend is catching up with me so an early night I think.

Good night.


Friday, June 5, 2015

We are on a roll.....

Two days in a row, doing good am I not.

Today is a lovely day, wish our Summer days were all like this, beautiful blue skies, gentle breeze, temps in the mid to high 20s and no humidity.  I have my patio doors open as I am writing this and one of the neighbours is cooking bacon..........why does it have to smell so good, when it's so bad for you.

Cut my front lawn again last evening, how long does fertilizer keep working  LOL.

My youngest grand daughter is thirteen today, a teenager, where did all that time go.  She became my grand daughter when she was nine months old, (we had only seen photos of her prior to that),  such a little baby, but always had a smile on her face.  Now such a beautiful and smart young lady.......lady,....well not quite yet, but she is working on that, have to get through these tough teenage years first. 

A busy weekend coming up, show during the day, theatre in the evening. birthday party for Dave's youngest grand daughter in the afternoon and dinner with my youngest grand daughter in the evening.    Monday...nothing planned as yet.....but there is always something to do.

Did my hour of sewing this morning, now errands to be done, so ...have a great day.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Absent for too long

All my good intensions of writing a daily blog did not last long.   However, now I am back and hopefully, will continue to write something every day.

Where have I been, no where....just busy, busy, busy.

Doing what you may ask.........well......

Earlier in the Spring I fertilized my lawn, I now have beautiful green grass that needs to be cut every few days.  However, I would rather mow the lawn than shovel snow.

Weeds, weeds and more weeds, where do they all come from, so I have been removing them from the flower beds.

Drained the pond.....(the Winter was so cold all of my fish died)  needed to remove them and refill with fresh water and some new fish.

Need to keep my house spick and span for potential buyers to come and see.  
House sale is not going as I had hoped........To save the real estate commission fees, .I decided at the end of March to use a real estate company which provides all of the info, photos, signs etc. and do all of the work myself, ie: putting up for sale, and open house signs and conducting the open houses etc. etc.   Re-thinking that decision, as it appears to be a bad call on my part.
I was hoping a family members relocation would result in something positive, but that didn't happen.  Being in this limbo situation, and not moving forward is difficult for me.

The house I will be moving into has not had a woman's touch for quite awhile, so major cleaning and tidying been done there, and now it is looking a lot better.   We are now working on the outside, painting, gardening and adding flowers in urns, hanging planters and window boxes, it is amazing how these changes make the outside of a house look so much better. 

Keeping up with family functions, times two.  Between the two of us we have five children, all married except one.   A total of nine grandchildren and two great grands.  When you add in our brothers and sisters etc. you can understand how busy we are.   Date nights to ball games, concerts and theatre .....well there is just not enough time in the days.

Quilting...yes that too.  I have two comfort quilts to complete, plus only a few blocks left to make for the six quilts that need to be finished by the end of July.   I have be getting up about 6:30 and sewing for an hour or so, so that I will be able to complete the six quilts. 

Visiting my Mum and doing chores for her.  She does an amazing job considering her age, however, major housecleaning is beyond her now.  Mum will be 98 years in August, so my sister and I are planning our yearly reunion-birthday party for mid August.

Well should close this post and get moving.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring HAS sprung.... and the roof is down....................

It definitely is Spring, the birds are singing, the buds on the trees are swelling, flowers are blooming, all thanks goes to beautiful sunny warm weekend and some afternoon rain yesterday.   The ground needs to dry up a bit today, and tomorrow I am planning to get out and do some cleaning up.  Today, I am going to get into the sewing room for the afternoon and work on those blocks for the six quilts. 

I put a heater in the pond before Winter and it worked for a couple of weeks, then we had the deep freeze start and it stopped working, sad to say my goldfish did not survive.  Once the water in the pond has warmed up some I will drain it and start fresh with new fish.

Warm temps were forecasted for yesterday, and when the thermometer registered, 18*C we kept a watchful eye, hoping it would reach  21*C.  Why 21*C you might ask,  that is the minimum temp we will go out with the roof down on the convertible.   It reached 22*C off we went and enjoyed a nice ride, the sun warmed us, however, I did take a sweatshirt just in case.   Out into the country with no real destination in mind we ended up visiting a fellow teacher who taught with Dave years ago. We had a great visit, however, the rain forced up to put the roof up for our ride home.

  Have a great day.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Daffodils and crocus......

Yes, they are both in bloom in my garden, thanks to warmer temps and rain.   Rain!! we had lots of it yesterday, today it is still cloudy with a brisk wind. 

Tidied up the house yesterday morning to get ready for my "Open House" on Sunday, it is suppose to a nice sunny day so hope it will bring people, who are looking for a new house, outside for the afternoon and drop by for a look.

The afternoon was spent in the sewing studio, ("studio" sounds so much better than "room" don't you think).  Worked on the blocks for the six quilts I am doing for the Guixi girls.  They need to be completed by the end of July and with so much going on right now I need to get as much done as soon as I can so that deadline can be met. 

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April Showers bring May flowers............

All of the snow has vanished from my back garden thanks to those April showers and the temps remaining above the zero mark has given the ground a chance to thaw.  The lawn is starting to turn from the brown squashed down mass of dead leaves to spikes of green.

This week the forecast is for showers everyday except for Sunday and  I am hoping the weatherman/women, (can't bring myself to say weather person),  is right, as I am having an Open House during the afternoon on Sunday and everything looks so much better in the sunshine.  My daffodils in my front garden should be in full bloom by then too.

Visited my Mother yesterday, she finally admitted, that due to the macular degeneration (sp?) in her eyes she will not be able to do her own grocery shopping in the near future.  It is too difficult for her to see the labels on the packaging.   She will not go into an assisted living facility or live with either myself  or my sister, so just hope that all of the adjustments she has made over the past few years to accomplish her daily living routine is enough to keep her well. 

Going into the sewing room this afternoon and work on blocks for the six quilts I need to have finished by the end of July.

So must get moving...

Have a great day.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Easter!!!........It was more like Christmas when we got up this a.m....yes snow again, however, the temp is above zero so it will be all gone before evening.  If the forecast is right, this will be the pattern for the rest of the week.

One Easter dinner down, the one with my family on Good Friday, and the second with Dave's family  is in the oven as I write.  A lot of work, however, I don't mind when there are people to eat the food.  Always have leftovers too,  so just some heating up in the micro tomorrow.

Busy so just a short post today.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1st.................

....................and we have a dull cloudy day, temp just above zero.

All the snow we had yesterday melted during the afternoon thanks to the sky clearing and a nice sunny end to the day.

Had my hair cut yesterday.  My hair is as straight as a yard of pump water and with no body to speak of, so when it gets to a certain length, (I have a short hair do) I just hate it.  Don't know about you, but I feel so much better when I know my hair is doing what I want it to do.  I did notice there seems to be a lot more grey than brown now, however, that is the way it is going to stay, no dyes for me.

Did some fabric sorting and cutting in the sewing room yesterday.  Looking a lot more organized in there now.  Have to put the finishing touches to our guild challenge project, it has been sitting there for a couple of weeks waiting for the binding to be sewn on.   That job is now the first item on my "to do" list today.

My son and family, youngest daughter and family, plus Dave will be home for an Easter dinner on Friday.  My eldest daughter and family are entertaining their children and grandchildren that day so won't be able to come.  On Sunday, making dinner with Dave for his family, a busy weekend ahead.

Thinking we should have a BBQ when the weather improves and introduce our families to each other. 

Must get busy.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A lion......................

This is the last day of March...........where did that month go.............and it is going out as a lion.   Woke up to snow AGAIN, not the dry kind that blows into drifts but the wet heavy kind, the kind I call "snowman snow".  No.......not into making any of  those any time soon.   It looked very pretty, like a picture on a Christmas card, you know the ones with all of the snow on the branches.  However, as I write this at 2:25 p.m. the snow has stopped the temp is just above the zero mark and the sun is shining, so this white stuff won't be hanging around too long.

We went to an a cappella concert on Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Their voices made it  hard to believe these groups sang with no musical instruments accompanying them.  Truly amazing.
Tickets were also being sold to attend the "After Glow", as neither one of us had been to one we decided to go.   If they were all like this one it was OK, seemed to me they need a little bit more organization.  However, singers got into impromptu groups and entertained us throughout the late hours, we had a drink, ate some nibbles and then a light lunch.  Getting home quite late for two oldsters.  LOL. 

Busy weekend painting the walls in a bedroom, loving the "soft green/with a hint of yellow" colour I picked out.  It is similar to the colour which is currently in my bedroom, which incidentally picks up the colour from my quilt.

Well should get myself moving, as this is not getting anything done.

Have a great day.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Snow again........................

During the past few days we have had temps on the plus side of zero and yesterday some rain so a lot of our snow has melted.  The only snow left was in the shade and where drifts had piled it a bit deeper. That was, everything is white again.  Yes, it is snowing again, however, these flakes are big and wet, and hopefully they won't stay around too long.   I must admit it does look pretty as they fall onto the branches of the trees and shrubs.  However, I have had enough of pretty and want to see some green grass and colourful Spring flowers in my garden.

Yesterday afternoon I worked in my sewing room, making the block for our  guilds April meeting.  Then I started to cut fabric, you know the bits and pieces that are not much good for anything.  But I was able to get a lot of six, five and four inch squares cut, which are now separated into piles according to colour.  Today, I am going to finish our guilds challenge project which is due for our April meeting, can't show it yet but will after that meeting.

Our March meeting is tonight, I always look forward to these  meetings, such a great bunch of ladies who do some amazing things with fabric.  The block colours for tonight's meeting is black, white and grey and can be any pattern, as always these blocks look great when put together even though different shades of the required colours are used.  As I have mentioned previously these blocks are made into quilts for the chemo patients at our local hospital.

This isn't getting anything done so must go.

Have a great day.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sign is up................

Yesterday, was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  The "For Sale" sign went up on my front lawn.

After much thinking and discussion we have decided to put my house on the market and I will move into the home of my dear man, Dave.

Sounds easy doesn't it?    Wrong..............I have been in my home for 40 years, so you know a lot of stuff needs to be sorted out.  Where did all this stuff come from any way?  I am going to be very busy in the coming days.

Being a sentimental person, and kept a lot of things, I mean a LOT of things, so have had to talk myself into letting go, these things were important when my children were growing up.   I will be giving my children these things now, so they do not have to do it when they read my will.

All the other things that need to go, I keep telling myself, are only wood and glass, the house is only bricks and mortar.   No tears......... I am starting that new chapter in that book of life, hoping there are a lot more to read before I close the final cover.   

Sounds a bit soppy doesn't it, however, that is how I feel.

Gotta get moving.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March winds..........................

Over the past few days a lot of snow has melted so the windy day we have today will help to dry up some of the melt water laying around.  It is cloudy and cooler so very little melting will take place today.

Did a lot of de-cluttering yesterday and was able to empty a bedroom, now I can start painting the ceiling later this week. The woodwork and the walls will be painted in due course. 

Going out to dinner and the theatre tonight with friends, I always look forward to these nights out.  Wednesday will be going to another jazz concert.

Hope to get in the sewing room this afternoon and finish some more blocks on two quilts that are in progress.

Have a great day.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Everything is now legal...........................

For three days last week I had an electrician update all of my electric wiring and install a breaker panel.   One more thing completed before the house goes on the market.

On Friday the power had to be disconnected, I could not do anything that required electricity, so  did some hand sewing and went through a lot of photographs.   Oh my, the laughs I had over the hair styles and clothes people were wearing in these pictures, I was able to get a lot accomplished.

Our quilting guild is having a challenge,  all of us was given two pieces of the same fabric which can be used to create a quilty project, of course there were rules and regulations concerning this project which is due at April's meeting. This was the project on which I was working on on Friday.  Like how it is coming along, will show pictures after our April meeting.

Saturday, we went to my great grandson's fifth birthday party, where did that time go.  He is feeling so much better since having his tonsils and adenoids out a couple of weeks ago. 

Mild weather continues and is melting the snow, sunshine today is filtered through some high clouds, however, temp is suppose to be 10*C.   Snow drops are blooming in the garden..............Spring is not too far away.

Have a great day.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's official.................

It's  Spring...........why......Robins, the robins are back.  There were four in the tree in my neighbours  back garden this morning.  They were eating the fruit, on the ornamental cherry tree.  It has a lot of fruit on it so they will be visiting every day until the snow has gone and the ground has thawed out, and they can eat worms.  

Worms......I can't wait to see worms, not that they are good to look at, but because it means ...............gardening time.

We have another glorious sunny day and more snow will be gone by days end.  One can almost see the drifts of snow shrinking in size.   The heat of the day is melting the snow and the freezing temps during the night are the right combination to slow the process down to prevent flooding.  However rain is in the forecast for the weekend.

Must get a move on, as they say, so just a short post today.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015


A thick pea soup fog this morning, now at 10:15 a.m. the sun has burned it off, and Wednesday is looking as if it will be a lovely day.   Temp is above the freezing mark and more snow will be melting today.

Warm sunny days and cool nights are required for the sap to start running in the maple trees, so this week's weather is ideal for the people making maple syrup. The cold weather and deep snow has delayed the tapping of the trees, so the sunny days are a welcome sight.

When we came to Canada in 1954,  my parents tried making maple syrup.  They did not have the proper equipment but "made do" with an odd assortment of containers to collect the sap.  They did not realize the boiling process would take so long, however, we did end up having enough syrup to pour on our pancakes.  They did learn a lot from that first Spring and over the years made enough syrup for our own consumption.  Have you every made maple syrup?

Well, I did not get as much sewing done on the weekend as I had hoped, got busy doing some Spring cleaning instead.  De-cluttering and doing some cleaning at my house today, but hope to get in the sewing room after dinner.   We advanced our clocks one hour on the weekend, so now we have a lighter evenings, which makes me feel like doing something constructive after dinner.

Have a great day


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy.....It doesn't take much

So what makes me happy today, a couple of simple things.

1.  The temp is on the positive side of zero, not much mind you but above just the same and melting some of the snow on the deck railing.   The sun is trying very hard to stay out from behind the clouds, but not having much success.

2.  I am making a quick quilt using the disappearing nine patch, it is coming together very nicely, hope to have the top completed by the weekend, and show some photos.

What makes you happy today.

My four, almost five great grand son had his tonsils and adenoids out on Monday, he was such a good boy, not one tear was shed, can't say the same for Mummy though.  He stayed in the hospital overnight and was discharged yesterday morning.    He had been sick on and off since September, and his parents have been trying for the past couple of months to get an appointment for surgery.   Finally found a Dr. who acted within a week due to his condition.   Another Dr. gave them an appointment for surgery which was scheduled for August 2016!!!!!.  

Have a great day.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Another beautiful day

Sunshine all day today and temps hovering around the zero C mark.  A nice change from the bitter cold we have had for most of the month of February.  Lets hope March will be bringing in some  milder weather.

The sun shining in the windows this morning got me in a decorating mood, so stripped off the remaining wallpaper from a spare bedroom.  It had been on there for a good any years, so it came away quite easy, however, there is always spots that stick.   A spray bottle of water and a scrapper got everything off with not too much trouble.   Washed the walls to remove all of the glue, and then had some help filling in the holes left by picture hooks.  Ceiling, woodwork and walls are all getting a new coat of paint.  Carpet to be cleaned and new drapes will finish it off and it can wait for the furniture to arrive.

Don't think I will need any rocking when I go to bed tonight.

Hope you had a good day.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Only a few more days...........

remaining in the coldest February we have had in many years, and only a few more days before this  cold snap is predicted to end. Here's hoping the new month will bring temps above the freezing mark and melt some of the snow. 

Cutting some fabric today for the "Guixi girls" quilt blocks.  Sewing them tomorrow, I have set a goal for myself to get them done and sewn together during the month of March, while at the same time also working on DD1 quilt blocks too. 

I have been very lazy when it has come to doing my daily walks this Winter, and I am afraid to step on the scales  as I know I have put on some weight.  So have to be more aware of what I am eating and reduce the serving sizes.   More fresh fruits and vegetables are going to be on my plates from now on.  Additional exercise is also going to help as I will be more active in the coming weeks removing the wallpaper from a spare bedroom and painting the walls and the woodwork.   Getting  new drapes and then shampooing  the carpet.  Yes, Spring cleaning will be in full swing. 

Off to the monthly Jazz concert tonight.

We have another beautiful sunny day, but still cold.

Hope you have a great day.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Too nice to stay in today.......

When we woke up this a.m. the sun was just starting to rise with a promise of a sunny day, grant you it was to be very cold, but just too nice to stay inside.

Recently there has been several articles on TV and in the newspaper concerning the very cold temperatures which has caused a lot of ice to form at Niagara Falls.  In previous Winters the weather never seemed to co-operate for me to see it cloaked in ice.   So today being a nice sunny day we loaded the car with our Winter coats and boots and also some warm scarves, hats and mitts and went for a drive.

The Falls were quite spectacular, with huge mountains of ice estimated to be at least ten stories high, the river was completely frozen over and the mist covered the trees and the metal and brick railings with a thick coating of ice.  Didn't have my camera with me so sorry no photo's. Due to the extremely cold temperatures which have been gripping the area for some time, the ice is very thick and is estimated to take until June to completely melt.

It is off season around the falls area and it was like a ghost town, many hotels and bed and breakfasts' were closed, as were some restaurants and the always present  attractions which lure you in to see their strange presentations.

My social life seems to be cutting in on the sewing time,  so no stitches done today.  If the weather is still fine tomorrow I am off to see my Mum, but do plan on being home earlier enough to get into the sewing room for an hour or two.  

Well, had a full day so it is getting time for bed.

Hope you all had a good day.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Can you believe it.......................

Yes, after thirteen days......................I now have a working phone.   However, there is one more call to make, to see what compensation I can get for all those days of being without a phone.

It's not all about the money, it was a safety issue.  I am a very active senior and living alone, and quite able to take care of myself, however, there could have been an emergency when I needed to call 911 for assistance.  I could have fallen and not been able to get to my cell phone.  On the other hand someone could be trying to contact me with an emergency, and my cell  phone was being charged.  So many things could have happened, thankfully nothing did.

Another beautiful sunny day, but damn cold.  This weather makes your nostrils freeze as you breath in air and never, never touch any metal with a bare hand. 

I did get quite a lot of sewing done yesterday afternoon, I am liking the way the blocks are looking on my DD!'s quilt.

Gotta make that call, wish me luck.

Have a great day.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beautiful Sunshine...........

It is a nice bright day, however, very very cold.  The low tonight is suppose to go down to -28*C, factor in the wind and it is going to be even colder.   The newspaper this a.m. was reporting that it has been the coldest February since the 1930's and we can look forward to this cold for the balance of the month and March is forecast colder than normal.   Spring will get here just in time for Autumn.  LOL

Still no phone, but have to tell you how unprofessional some people can be.   I was not informed a technician would be coming to my house again today, so decided to get my hair cut and get some groceries.   My phone rings while in the store, it is Bell, a male voice asks me to go and see if my neighbour is home.   No, I won't and couldn't  because I was at the grocery store,  was my reply.   What are you doing in the grocery store you are suppose to be at home, said the voice on the other end.   Needles to say, that got me going again.

Did get a few blocks completed yesterday, plan on doing some more today.

Should get some housework done also, so going to be a busy afternoon.

Gotta go.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Phone update............

Venting here so if you don't want to read this, that is OK..

The technician arrived at 3:40p.m. and confirmed the problem was in a cable in my neighbours back yard.     He goes to the neighbours to repair the cable, however, the gate is locked, and no one was home, so he cannot gain access.  We have gone through this exercise a week ago.

He returns to my home and tells me it is now  my responsibility to contact the neighbour, ask them to leave the gate open so they can get in to fix the cable.  The conversation went something like this.   Me..... wait a minute it's Bell Canada's equipment, not mine,  why should I be one to contact the neighbour...  Him.... It's your neighbour you should contact them and ask for admittance for Bell Canada.  I could feel my voice getting louder and louder.  After a heated discussion, (read argument), I told him to leave my house.!!!!  Never told anyone to do that before.

I did speak to the neighbour, however, he cannot leave his gate open as he has a dog.  So wondered, how  could I co-ordinate his being home and making another appointment for the techie to come, because I would be flipping from one person to another and not getting any where.

Cell phone ringing:

Just received a call from the Executive Office, and was advised, it is not my responsibility to contact neighbour.  The woman I spoke to advised she has been on Google to look at the property and  it looks as if a fence in the neighbours yard is infringing onto the easement for Bell Canada to access their equipment,  so it looks as if the city is going to be involved in this issue. 

Sounds as if  we have disturbed a hornets nest here, I don't care what is disturbed just as long as my phone is repaired.

If you did read this, thanks I feel so much better.  



We had more snow overnight and light snow still coming down.   It is not as cold, did you notice I didn't say, it was warmer.   lol 

Another scheduled appointment missed by Bell Canada, yep....... they were a no show again yesterday.  My calls to them are transferred to representatives  all over the world, however, they are unable to have a technician, who more than likely lives in the same city as me, come and fix my phone.

But....they are coming today.............we shall see.
Went to dinner and theatre with friends last night, the play was OK, not one that I would say, you have to see it.   However, it's always a good evening with these "girls" even if the performance is not to our liking. 

Don't really need to go out today, so it is going to be a full day of sewing.   Hoping to have a big pile of blocks finished by days end.

No much else to say today,

Hope you have a great day.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Frustrated ............

So it's been ten (10) days, and frustrated is putting it mildly as my phone is still not repaired.

 Called Ma Bell again today, the young man I was talking to was very pleasant but speaking with an accent that was difficult for me to understand, so I asked him where he was located..........."India".......was his reply.  I then requested to speak with someone located in Canada, " Can I speak French" he said to me.   Me to him, "No, what difference should that make", He, "There are only French speaking Bell technicians in Canada that could help me over the telephone". 
What.....Bell Canada.....Eh.

So to put a long story short, by long I mean a call of almost an hour!!!!  Another technician is coming to my house sometime this afternoon to see what the problem is.  

Going in my sewing room this afternoon and busy myself in the quilt blocks I am making, so as to forget how mad, angry, frustrated and other words which I will not print here to describe how I feel about Bell.

Hope you are having a great day.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Very cold weekend................

and it is continuing today, albeit a bit warmer.  The sun is shining so that is making me feel a bit better about Winter.

Worked on the binding on DD2's quilt, it's queen size and it seems to be taking quite a while to go around it.

Next week going to do some painting in my house and also pick up a new can of paint for a bedroom, but first need to remove the old wall paper.  It is going to be a busy week.

Hope you have a great day.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Winter can go ........

I am so tired of the snow, wind and cold.  Snow over night and now the wind is blowing it all over the place, the only consolation, the sun is shining.  Low temp forecast for tonight is -23*C.

Update on my phone....................nothing,  promises and more promises, no sense calling the carrier during the weekend, if they can't get anything done during a week day chances slim to nil on Sat and Sun.  You can be sure they will get a piece of my mind on Monday.

Hope you have a good day,


Friday, February 13, 2015

Guess what happened......

Absolutely nothing...................  my phone is still not working.   Another call to Ma Bell, have you ever tried to explain to someone who is located, heaven only knows somewhere in this world,  that the problem is with a cable not at my address but in a cable box located on property behind my house.  The technical department is now telling me, my phone will be working by 9:00 p.m. tonight.   I am taking bets, my money is on it will not be repaired, anyone else!!!.

February 13th, this is my only grandson's birthday, he is 26 years old,  how did he get that old.  He is now engaged to his girlfriend of 5 years and a wedding is planned for 2016.   With all the quilts that are on my list "to do" I should soon start thinking of their wedding quilt.

At the present time, an installer is putting  new flooring in my "new" sewing room.   In the coming weeks I will explain the "new".   Going to keep you guessing. 

Making lazy man's cabbage rolls for dinner, with strawberry shortcakes for dessert.  The strawberries were imported from the U.S. and I might say, are absolutely delicious a lot better than some I have purchased at this time of the year.

Have a great day.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sunny Thursday

Still out of touch with the world on my land line.   Technician discovered a faulty cable in a junction box several houses away from me.  As he is not able to change cables, my work order has been transferred to the cable division.   Should be repaired this a.m.......we shall see.

We had a dusting of snow overnight, the forecast called for a lot more.  The wind is starting to blow the new fall of snow around, so more drifts will start to form.  There was a beautiful sunrise this a.m.  blue skies and some clouds as I write, and it is cold. 

During the waiting yesterday p.m. I worked on the "girls" quilts and also took pics of the 120---4 1/2 inch blocks which will be in the quilt for my DD1.

Her choice of colour for her quilt was earth tones, lots of browns, beige, ivory and some white.  There is also a fabric in that pile which has a touch of green in it, however, not shown. 

The photo below, (a very poor one, sorry, memo to self, change date in camera),  is a picture of the quilt I am making for her.  Here it is shown scrappy with a lot of different coloured fabric, mine, of course, will be the earth tones.   Most of the fabric is cut for the "point units" and "center units", which will be started this afternoon.

Doing some errands again this a.m.  and also get something for my Valentine.  I already have an arrangement of beautiful flowers but was also told to get dressed up for Saturday....Ummm  got me wondering now.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Out of touch....

That is the way I am feeling today, why? my home phone is not working.    I do have a cell phone,  but I feel disconnected  (no pun intended) from the phone on the wall with the long cord attached to it.  

I use Bell Canada for my home phone, so I called them to make a report and  "speak" to a machine and go through all of those "please press one for......or two for... or three for....."  and then go through the same process again and again,  while "Miss Bell" asks numerous questions, you  know the procedure.  The last question, "please provide a telephone number so the technician can get in touch with you"....What!!!!...   I am on my cell phone,  you have to understand I do not use my cell phone a lot, well almost never,  my children have a lot to say about that, however, that is another story.  So.....back to the cell phone number?  how many times do you call yourself on your cell phone?  Do you know your cell phone number?   I don't know my number.  I hang up, find the number and write it down.  

Memo to self....memorize your cell phone number.  

I dial "Miss Bell" again and go through the entire procedure again, and finally given a window between 12:00 noon and 5:00 p.m. in which the technician will call me.  Darn...I will have to stay in and sew all afternoon.

Visited my Mum yesterday, last week she received her new hearing aids, and is now complaining the ticking clock, the fridge motor and the furnace noises are so loud she can't hear her TV.  LOL   Now, if we could only get her eyes to see as they should she would be 100%, however, that is not to be.  She is well and happy, so can't ask for much more.  Honoured the February portion of my Christmas IOU by giving her a bunch of  purple tulips. 

Hope you all have a great day.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Better late than never....

Almost forgot to post today.

Well, Sunday turned out to be a nasty day for weather.   Freezing rain, ice pellets and some snow, grant you, not a lot of it but just enough to make driving or walking a slippery task.

This afternoon we went to a concert with the Musicians of  Orchestra London, with singer Sonia Gustafson.   The performance was titled "Broadway" and of course all of the music was from some of the showstoppers of past years.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.

No sewing done today.

Hope you  had a great day.


Friday, February 6, 2015

As promised....

.......................the camera battery is charged.

As I have previously mentioned, I am making six lap top quilts for the "Guixi" girls.   My youngest daughter and hubby, along with five other couples all met when this group was going to China to adopt their 9 month old daughters.  These babies were all in the same Guixi orphanage during the first months of their lives and adopted at the same time. 

During the past 16 years these families have had weekend reunions in the Summer and these girls have become very close,  sisters is the way they describe themselves.   Now all of the girls are 17 years old  (I should call them young ladies) and will soon be heading farther afield to universities or colleges and in the years to come work and/or travel could take them to places unknown.   These yearly reunions could be coming to an end, however, I wanted to make something that each one of them could take with them, wherever they go, to keep their "sisters" close.  I know social media can do that, however, I wanted something more personal.  

At last year's reunion I had each girl write something and sign a 6 1/2 inch piece of fabric, they did not know why and still have no idea. 

This past week I have started to make the blocks and below is the one I will be making.

These are a few of the oriental themed fabrics I am using for the blocks.  

I am going to add additional blocks,  to bring it to the lap top size.

In August it is my daughters turn to host the reunion, and I plan to give the girls,  young ladies their quilts at that time.

Have a great day................


Thursday, February 5, 2015

So much energy......

.......this morning, must be due to the beautiful sunshine which has a lot of heat in it and is melting the snow on the driveway and my front deck even though it  -11*C.

Busy this morning as I have been out and about doing a number of errands that demanded my attention.

One of the stops was at a local fabric shop, no.....not looking for fabric, purchasing a zipper for my  winter jacket.  I had called two local tailors and the prices they quoted me were a lot more than I was expecting,  I could have purchased a new jacket, (on sale, of course) for the prices they were charging.  So one of the tasks this morning was to go to the local fabric  not to purchase fabric....... a new zipper, so for $10.00 I am going to do it myself.  Just have to take a little extra time, the jacket is reversible.  When I made clothes for my two daughters and myself years ago, I installed lots of zippers so it can't be too difficult.

The battery for my camera is now charging so some photos will soon come to show what I have been going on in my sewing room. 

Must get going..................

Have a great day


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You guessed it......

More snow overnight, only a couple of inches, which is not much really, but when it is added to the  snow we received on the weekend the piles keep getting deeper and deeper.  My snow angel, not the one I made as a child by laying in the snow and moving my arms to make "wings".   No, this angel is my neighbour, he is blowing the snow out of my driveway, again.   I would be housebound if it wasn't for him.

I remove the snow from my front porch, if I didn't the mail delivery person may not leave my mail.
However, by the end of 2015 that is not going to be an issue any more.  In recent years, whenever a new housing development is built, banks of mail boxes have been installed.  Each household is  assigned a box, their mail is delivered to these and the people living in those developments  go and pick up their own mail from the boxes.  These types of mail boxes are going to be erected  in  existing neighbourhoods across the city where I live.  

 It is going to be difficult for seniors and people with mobility issues to pick up their mail, however,   in the correspondence which has been issued by Canada Post, it states,  assistance will be given to these people, however, they will be required to apply for this help.  

Do you have to pick up your mail from mail boxes or do you receive delivery to your door?

Time is ticking away.........must get going

Have a great day.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Early Spring?????

As the old tale goes............If the groundhog does not see it's shadow we will have an early Spring, if it does see it's shadow there will be six more weeks of Winter. Either way we still have to get through February and part of March, and if the first day of this month is an indication of what is in store for us, I am going back into hibernation.  All day yesterday and over night it snowed, and measuring it this a.m. we had 8-9 inches, and where it has drifted there is over a foot of snow.  It is also cold with a current temp of -12*C and with the wind blowing it feels a lot colder.

A good day to stay in and work on the binding of DD2's quilt so it can be called a finish.

Not much else to say today, so have a good day and stay warm.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

More snow

February is starting out white as we have had fine snow falling all morning.  It is only -3*C out so not too cold.

Went to the movies last night and then on the spur of the moment went to the casino.   I am not one to frequent these establishments, as I have worked hard for my money and do not intend on throwing it in a machine.  It was fun, and we did came  home $1.40 richer. 

Today we have the fireplace crackling away, Dave is planning to watch the Super Bowl, I have a book and a quilt to bind, so we will be comfy and cozy.

Have a great day.


Saturday, January 31, 2015


Here we are the last day of January, and closer to the end of Winter.   We do have a very weak sun which is trying to get through the clouds, however, not having much success today.

Accomplished a lot of sewing yesterday, all 120 small blocks are finished, now I need to start on the other 120 blocks.  These are bigger and not so many small pieces so they will make up a lot quicker.
Also during this coming week I am going to start piecing the blocks for the six quilts for the girls.

Also got a lot of de-cluttering done yesterday, but still have to decide what has to go, and what is going to stay.  Big decisions have to be made.

Having a relaxed weekend, and of course, the big football game tomorrow.  Never did know much about the rules so was never really interested.  I will be watching it as Dave will be.

Have a good weekend.


Friday, January 30, 2015


Only an inch or so of snow fell last night but it was just enough to cover all of the dirty snow banks on the side of the street, so everything is clean and white again as I look out my window.   Morning clouds are breaking up and it is looking as if the sun will be shining today. 

All of my good intentions of doing some de-cluttering fell by the wayside yesterday, but I wasn't lounging around doing nothing......well...... for a while I was, computers can be a big time waster.....can you call browsing through a free motion quilting blog wasting time?  I must try and do some of the techniques I saw and read about.   

Do you get aimlessly searching around the web, looking for quilting related subjects and then wonder where all the time went?    

I did go into the sewing room for a couple of hours and worked on my daughters quilt blocks,  making good progress.   Today, I will cut fabric so that the next session in the sewing room will be at the sewing machine. 

This is not getting things done, so must get a move on..................

Have a great day


Thursday, January 29, 2015


The blue skies and sun of yesterday have now been replaced by grey clouds which are going to bring us some snow flurries today.

We thoroughly enjoyed the concert last night.  Because the feature singer is very popular, and the concert was free........not too many things are free these days........the queue was quite long when we arrived.   We were hoping we would not be disappointed, no worries, got excellent seats.  The next performance, the jazz community has one concert per month, will be in late February, then another mid March.

De-cluttering a storage room today, you know the one, the one with all the seasonal decoration etc. that won't see the light of day until November. 

Yesterday, I finally removed the poinsettia from the living room, the leaves had started to fall and it looked quite near the end of it's run.   In the past I have cut back the stems and new growth appeared.  Transplanting them outside during the Summer, and bringing them in before being nipped by a frost.  Putting them in the dark as per the instructions, however, never had any blooms for the second time.  It seemed like a fruitless exercise, so did not even bother with this plant.

Have you ever had any luck in getting a poinsettia to bloom again.?

Having a late lunch today, so should finish this post.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sun & Jazz

It is very cold this morning my thermometer is registering -17*C at 8:30 a.m.  Blue skies and not a cloud in sight, and there is a big ball of fire up there which may warm it up just a bit later today.  

Going to a local jazz concert tonight.  Every month the jazz community in London, ON presents a free concert, we have gone to three so far and thoroughly enjoyed them.  The two I liked the most was the first one of the season in which a female group from Toronto sang a lot of the old, and I mean old songs from WWll.  Then the second one presented just before Christmas when seasonal music was played.    Do you like jazz?

Walked 4 kms yesterday and hoping to do the same again today.

Only 40 more blocks left to do, I had a total of 120 to complete, then I can start on the other 120 which are in a different pattern.  Liking the way the blocks are looking. 

Have a great day.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today the sun can't decide......

whether to shine, filter through the thin clouds or slip behind some darker ones, that's OK as we are not having any additional snow.  However, that may change later on in the week as the forecast in the newspaper is showing  a lot of snow flakes for Thursday.

Yesterday I visited my Mother, she is doing very well for her age.  Even though her eyesight is poor she still insists of cooking a meal when I visit her, (Mother's are like that).  For dessert she made a rice pudding, not with the instant rice, as in her words, that rice is tasteless.   So she uses the long grain rice and being British the pudding has to be baked in the oven.   Now, I mentioned previously she has poor eyes, so just a little too much rice and not enough milk was in the baking dish.  We added more milk, when ready to eat, it tasted good, however,  it was definitely a "stick to the ribs" pudding.   We had a good laugh about that.

Walked 4 kms this morning,  and just as I expected I don't need a lot of persuading to go and do it, and after walking for just two weeks I feel a lot better for it. 

Going into the sewing room to work  on DD1's quilt blocks after posting this.   To give my self a position change I will also be cutting some of the fabric required for the six quilts I will be making for the girls who were adopted at the same time as K, who just celebrated her 17th birthday. 

Must go....

Have a great day.



Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunny Sunday

It was a beautiful sunny day, however, being damp due to the temp hovering around the zero mark it felt quite a bit colder.

We had a busy Sunday, taking Dave's three grandchildren to see "Paddington".  We all enjoyed it very much.  I recognized several of the British actors in it.  
 How do families afford to take their children to see a movie in the cinema?  Seniors and children under the age of 12 were $6.00,  so that was $24.00 plus $7.00 for a student ===$31.00 .   Then there is the pop corn and drinks to two = $14.00, and pop corn, hot dog and drink for one===$12.00 for a total of $50.00.  This movie was in an older theatre, so the prices are a lot cheaper that what would have to be paid if we had gone to one of the new super movie theatres.

We then went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner to celebrate one of my grand daughter's 17th birthday.


Friday, January 23, 2015

End of another week

Friday and did walk my 3kms today, total of 14 kms this week.

Cloudy again today but mild, the brisk wind is feeling quite damp and raw, making it feel colder than it actually is.

DD2 and GD--K took a quick drive to London to the Driving Testing Centre so that GD -K could write her test to get her beginner drivers licence.  The smile of her face coming out of the exam room told us she passed, not that we would have any doubt, so even before she did the "thumbs up" we already knew.  Now she plans on having the practical driving lessons, being taught by a professional.

Had a good guild meeting last night, it is so much fun to get together with these ladies. Lots of show and tell, which included our blocks for this month's chemo quilt. The theme for January was red and white hearts,  they all looked so bright and colourful.   Should make the days a little bit more cheerful for a chemo patient.   I hope to have something to show at our next meeting in Feb.

Have to pop out to the grocery store for a few things, so better get going.

Have a great day.


Thursday, January 22, 2015


Last evening we had a light dusting of snow which made everything sparkle in the morning sunshine.  Beautiful, just wish every Winter day was like today.   Yes, we have lovely blue skies and bright sun shining in my windows today.  The temp is -4*C, however, there is a lot of heat from that big ball of fire in the sky.

Walked for 3 kms this morning, and feeling much better for it.   Hope to get another 3 done tomorrow so that will give me a total of 14 kms for this week.  

Yesterday, the de cluttering of my filing cabinet was on top of the things to do list. Wanting to make sure nothing was destroyed by mistake I read everything before shredding  it.  It took a long time, however, I did get rid of a lot of old and unwanted papers.     It filled two large bags, however, won't be able to put them out for pick up until next weeks garbage day.  Because of that task, which had to be taken care of, no sewing was done.  I am taking some time this afternoon to sew some more blocks.

Must not waste time here, so better get moving.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday already.......

Where does the time go?

Had a great time with "the girls" last night at dinner and theatre, that is the good news. 

The bad news, we got a parking ticket, can you believe that a restaurant does not have any parking for it's customers?  We had not been to this restaurant before so did not know about the parking situation,  that is no excuse I know, but it ticked us off that there were no visible signs indicating a parking voucher was required.   I drive on theatre night, so everyone chipped in for payment of the ticket, which I appreciated very much.  It turned out to be an expensive evening, dinner with wine, of course,  theatre ticket,and then a whopping $74.00 parking ticket, but only $42.00 if it is paid within seven days.  I paid it today.

A ho hum day regarding the weather, cloudy  with the sun desperately trying to poke through.  Not all that cold, about -5*C and no wind, so no complaints from me today.

Trying to get back on track with healthy eating habits, so making a big pot of vegetable soup, it is simmering away as I write, and should be ready soon.

Sewing this afternoon on DD1's blocks.   Guild meeting tomorrow night, and my comfort quilt block is already made.

"Soup's on"............

Have a great day


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grey again today

As my title indicates, we have clouds and a few flakes of snow today, possible breaks of sunshine in the forecast this afternoon, so keeping fingers crossed

Had intended on doing 3 km's again today, however, started walking and talking with a friend and did 5 km's.  I still have to talk myself in going, but hoping after this week it will become more of a regular routine and I won't need that talk.   I feel so much better and have more energy, and I need that at this time of the year.

Did not do any de-cluttering yesterday, hoping to do at least an hour of it today and every day for the rest of the week.  Should get a lot accomplished that way.

Worked on DD1's quilt blocks yesterday.  Why am I attracted to quilts that have a lot of small pieces in the blocks?  I guess I like the complex look of the quilt when it is completed, even though it is simple to put together.  Using small pieces of fabric require exact cutting and sewing, and patience, of which, I have a lot.   It also uses up small pieces of fabric which is always a plus.  

Looks as if I have answered my own question.   What kind of quilt attracts your attention?   One made with traditional, modern, small or large blocks?  Complicated or easy?

Going out to dinner and then to the theatre tonight with friends I use to worked with.  Always enjoy chatting with them all.

Well must go........


Monday, January 19, 2015

Grey Morning

Another grey day by the looks of it, temp last night only went down to -2*C and much the same as I write at 9:30a.m.

Had a nice home cooked dinner last night, and finished up the apple crumble, with vanilla ice cream.  We then went to the movies to see "American Sniper",  quite enjoyed it even with it's graphic scenes.

Did some more hand sewing on the binding, slowly getting it done.

I intend on doing some more de-cluttering this afternoon, where does all this stuff come from?

When this is posted I am out to do my 3 Km's at the arena, five days this week at the same length and next week increase it to 4Km's, and then I should be able to tackle the 5 Km's as I did last Winter.  Hopefully when the warmer weather gets I will be fit for the gardening.

Everyone, have a great day.


Sunday, January 18, 2015


Overnight and this morning we have had milder temps, currently there is a light fall of wet snow.

Did some sewing on DD2's binding yesterday, a couple more days and it should be all sewn on.

Not much to say today, however, trying to keep my resolution to post every day during 2015.

Have a good Sunday.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Late Posting today.

Our temps hovered around  the zero degree mark all day, however, no snow melted.  Wet snow or rain is in the forecast for tomorrow.

Just finished dinner and now getting ready to go to the movies,  "The Invitation" is being shown at the theatre at the Western University, which is just down the street from where I am this weekend

Dave had his last treatment yesterday at 5:30p.m. and I surprised him by being at the hospital, I was there for the first one so thought it fitting to be there for the final one.  The hospital has a gong which patients can hit when they have had their last treatment, and then everyone in the waiting room applauds.   Because he is the last patient of the day, no one was there, so he didn't bother.

Plan on doing some hand sewing a the binding tomorrow if the weather is too nasty, other than that so sewing will be done.


Friday, January 16, 2015

A quick hello

Just popping in the blogger land for a few minutes today, I will get to read your posts later.

We have sun, and snow flurries today, but all in all it is not a bad day.

Busy today, walked 3 Km's, went to the grocery store and also the pharmacy.   Took my car to the car wash, it was a disgrace, however, I know it will not stay clean for very long on the roads today, but it was clean.  Filled the car with fuel, then went to the bank to do some business there.  Had my lunch and made an apple crumble.

We are going out for dinner tonight, to celebrate the final treatment, so we will have the apple crumble for dinner tomorrow.

Finished 120 blocks for my DD1's quilt yesterday, I am liking the way it is looking and I am sure she is going to be pleased with the final product too.  Plan on doing some hand sewing this weekend.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, January 15, 2015


It was cold again last night, and it is cloudy this morning, so the temps should moderate some.  The forecast for the weekend is predicting day time temps around +1*C, so it appears we will be coming out of the deep freeze for awhile.

Had a nice visit with my Mother yesterday.  Opened one of the wines she received for Christmas and we both had a glass with our sandwich at lunch.   We don't have one with our dinner as I have to drive home shortly thereafter.  Dinner last night was liver and onions, and it was very good too.  Her insurance agent dropped by and the policy was renewed for another year, she has difficulty reading and sometimes understand all of the details, so she prefers to have someone else there. 

Need to do some errands and go for my walk before lunch and then I can sew during the afternoon. Still working on DD1 quilt, she requested the colour to be earth tones. 

It  is hard to believe we are in the middle of January already, the time since Christmas has just flow by.  As far as I am concerned Winter can now be over, but we have  Feb to get through yet.  A friend suggested I should embrace the cold weather, bundle up and get out in it.  Sorry, I don't embrace the cold, give me any of the other three seasons to embrace and I am much happier. 

Which season of the year is your favourite.

 One today and another tomorrow and Dave will have completed all of his treatments.  Tests that will be done in July will indicate, success or failure. 

Well, this is not getting my chores started is it, so .....

Have a great day


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two days in a row

The sun is streaming through the windows again for the second day in a row.   It still remains very cold, but that bright ball in the sky makes everything OK.

It was so nice yesterday, friend (he is more than a friend, he deserve a name) Dave and I went for a drive yesterday to visit his sister, however, she was not home, should have called first, but it was one of those spur of the moment things.   On our return trip we stopped to see a huge flock of wild turkeys feeding on the grain or corn which had  fallen, when it was being harvested by the combine.  There must have been 75-80 birds, never seen that many before.

Getting ready to visit my Mother today, have not seen her since Boxing day,  the snow during the past week or so has prevented me from driving to her house. 

So will make it a short post again today.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


After a beautiful sun rise the sun is still streaming through the windows as I write this morning.   Icicles almost two feet long are hanging from the roof, and it is very cold.  Low last night was -20*C.

No sewing done yesterday and none will get done today. I do have the binding to sew down on my DD2 quit, so will make sure that hand sewing project will accompany me in the future.

Not much news today,


Monday, January 12, 2015

Snowy Monday

Yes, we had more snow fall overnight, however, the temp has moderated some, only -1.4C this morning.   A rude awakening tonight though, down to -17C or lower, and feeling a lot colder with the wind chill factor.   Ok, so much for the weather.

As I looked out of the window at my friends house this morning, it looks as if we had several visitors during the night.   Lots of tracks from the deer that roamed through the property.   Previously, I have seen five on several occasions just as it is getting dark.  Lots of birds at the feeders today also.

No sewing today.

Well, that's for today.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Quiet Sunday

The weather has improved.....well......... it is not so cold, windy or snowy so anything is an improvement.

Went to see the movie "Wild"  and we both enjoyed.  

Came home to a delicious roast beef dinner.


Saturday, January 10, 2015


Where has this week gone, it couldn't go fast enough for me.   It has been a snowy, blowy and cold week.   The city streets are looking drivable, thanks to the snow ploughs, salt, sand, a little heat from the sun, and of course the traffic.

Schools were closed for two days due to the weather, and I am sure a lot of people were not able to get to work.

DD1 left a message on FB for me today, only 72 days until Spring and those days can't go by fast enough.   Not that I am wishing my life away, I just don't like Winter any more.  When the children were young we used to be out in all kinds of Winter weather, so I am beginning to think not liking it now is an" age thing".  The grey cloudy days cause me to be very lazy, a mild case of SAD?

Yesterday I did attached the binding to my DD2's  quilt now have to hand stich it down, something that can be done in front of the TV in the evenings.    Also worked on DD1's blocks.    Keep on forgetting to charge battery for camera., so no photo's yet.

My friend has only five more treatments next week and then he is all finished.   Tests at a later date will indicate if they were successful.   The prognosis was good prior to the treatments so we expect a positive report.

Taking advantage of the cheaper hydro rate to do some laundry, so should now get it in the dryer.

Have a great day.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Yes we had blizzard conditions last night, more snow and high winds which blew it all around into drifts.   My driveway will need digging out.......again.

The best part of this morning we have blue skies, the sun is shining and those clouds are white not gray.   The wind is still blowing but not nearly as bad as it was.

Worked on DD2 quilt blocks again last evening, so pleased, they are coming together really fast.

I think this weather calls for some tummy warming food, so going to get a crock pot stew started with some biscuits on the side.

Keep warm


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snow, snow and more snow

It came down all day yesterday, finally stopping around 6 p.m.  So how much did we get, I took a ruler and measured the pile on the front deck wooden inches.  Mind you it all looks very nice, light and fluffy on all of the tree branches and hanging over the eaves....BUT.  this stuff has to be removed from my driveway.  Did I tell you  I hate Winter?

I started to shovel this a.m. and half way through the process my neighbour used his snow blower to remove the rest.  It was not too difficult to move due to it being the light, dry fluffy kind of snow.  No good for making a snowman as it does not stick together, not that I was inclined.   It is very cold but the sun is trying very hard to break though the clouds.  I HATE Winter.

The street is still snow covered even though the ploughs have been by a couple of times.  Have not seen the trucks which spread the salt and sand so it must be too cold for that to melt the snow.  I was planning to visit my Mother today, however, thought better of it.  Don't like travelling on the country roads by myself.   Not much traffic uses them and it is so easy to get into difficulties when they are covered with snow.   I do have an emergency kit in the trunk which contains extra gloves, scarves, coat and lined snow pants along with a good pair of walking boots and a snow shovel.  Reminder to myself to put in a candle and matches and also some of those chocolates that I have been eating.  I really do HATE Winter.

De-cluttering was done in my bedroom yesterday morning and I have a large bag of clothes for the thrift shop and a small bag for the garbage.   I use my  old socks for dusters, handy to just fit over my hand and get into all those nooks and crannies.    

Sewing all afternoon and got a good head start on the blocks for my DD2's quilt.  Happy with the progress I made.  Plan on a couple of hours of sewing this afternoon.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Snow Day......

Definitely a snow day for the school children, as the buses did not do any pick ups today.

Yes, I think Winter has officially arrived,  as I write we have at least 5 inches of snow on the ground and the forecast is predicting a wallop of snow which will result in 8 inches or more.  Compounded by winds which will result in a windchill reaching -25 C in the afternoon. 

It all looks very pretty from where I am sitting, very quiet as all of the traffic sounds are muffled by the snow.  The newspaper this a.m. has an article about "frost quakes", which results from a patch of ground that is saturated with moisture which freezes and the underground ice cracks.  This causes a loud bang,  I heard it only once last year, it's early Winter so there is always a chance we may hear it again this year.

My neighbour is fighting a lost cause I think, as he is now blowing the snow off my driveway, with the wind starting to blow it could be an ongoing chore today, don't know what I would do with him. 

There is no reason for me to go out today, so a closet to de-clutter this morning and a sewing afternoon in on my agenda for the day.

Stay safe and warm.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015


We had another dusting of snow over night, and again we have blue skies, however, a bit more cloud today.  Had to bundle up when I went to the hair dresser this morning as the wind is making it feel quite bitterly cold. 

Had a very nice dinner with my quilting group last evening, and received a very nice gift from my secret Santa, thank you J.  Sorry to hear the news from J. as she announced she would be leaving our group.   I didn't have dessert at the restaurant  so I opened my box of chocolates after arriving home and had a couple.  Oh well, the New Years resolution will have to wait now until they are all gone.    ha ha. 

Visiting my late husbands niece and nephew this afternoon for a cup of tea and a chat.  Did not have time to see them during the Christmas season.

Have a great day.



Monday, January 5, 2015


"The Imitation  Game", was an excellent movie and would recommend it, we both enjoyed  it very much.

Turned cold overnight, with an additional inch of snow, the sun is trying to get through the clouds as I write, but thinking it won't be too successful today.  Hoping we don't have a lot of additional snow during the day as I have to drive out of town to the restaurant for our guild's holiday dinner and secret Santa gift exchange tonight. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.  The highway's are usually cleared of snow and ice fairly quickly so don't expect any major problems.

Need to do a bit more de cluttering and cutting fabric for a DD1's quilt, so I better make this post short and get moving.

Update:  Now we have beautiful blue skies and sunshine, however, a bitter cold wind is keeping the temps down.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Catching Up..

I have been away from blogger for a long time, so taking my time to catch up on everyone's blog.
There is a lot of reading to do, so I may not comment on your past postings.  Promising to comment on your 2015 posts. 

Side streets in the city are still very messy, the main ones are looking quite good.  Over night the temp rose a bit, and now it is above zero so some of the snow and the ice has melted, however, the forecast is saying colder temps are on the way.  It is January in South Western Ontario so can't expect anything more than the weather we have currently.

Going to the movies this afternoon to see "The Imitation Game", we saw "Unbroken"  last week.  It was very well done and we enjoyed it.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Spoke too soon...

As I am writing this post wet snow mixed with rain is falling.   If it continues we will have some very messy streets and roads to contend with.  This little burp in the weather is nothing compared to last Winter, so not complaining......yet.

Yesterday, I took down all of my outside Christmas decorations, so glad I did it now.  They still need to be put in their containers but at least they are dry in my garage.

Going to a former co-workers 90th birthday party this afternoon, it's just a "come and go open house", so won't be staying long. 

Have a great day.

Friday, January 2, 2015

I am still here........

Thank you Patricia for your concern, I am just fine.

Life just got so busy and honestly I did not have too much to say, so took some time away from blogging.  I am now back for 2015.

A quick recap of what has been happening during the past few months.

I have completed the top of the quilt for my youngest daughter, (photo to follow when camera battery is charged),  the top for my eldest daughter is what I am currently working on.  Collecting the fabric for my son's quilt.   Hoping to have all these completed by Easter.

In my last post I mentioned the six quilts for all the girls who were adopted at the same time as one of my grand daughters.  All of the girls have now wrote a little message and signed a six inch piece of fabric, all of the fabric for these quilts has been purchased and I know the blocks I will be using for these quilts.   All of them are to be completed by August.

A former co-worker's Mother found three quilt tops belonging to her great  grand mother, and asked it I knew anyone who would complete them.  These quilts were all hand pieced and were beautiful, so I took on the challenge.  Purchased the backing fabric and sent them to the quilter, then I attached the binding.   Two were completed and my co-worker was able to give them to her Mother just prior to Christmas and the last one I will deliver today.

The new person in my life is making me very happy and the future may see some major changes.

Everyone in my family is well, my Mother celebrated her 97th birthday in August, 2014,  my grand son became engaged to a very nice girl, (another quilt to be made for them in 2016), 

We had a green Christmas, and now it is Jan. 2nd and we still have no snow, and I like it that way.  Blue skies and the sun shining through my windows this morning, however, that can change very quickly as we have a lot of Winter to get through yet. 

The quilting guild I belong to will be having our holiday dinner and gift exchange on Monday, Jan 6th, looking forward to that.   This will bring all of my holiday celebrations to an end and then back into a regular routine again.  

Did I make any New Year resolutions?  Of course, try to be more conscious of healthy eating habits, please note I didn't say "diet and loose weight".  Will I keep this resolution?  yes, I will try to do my best.   Did you make any resolutions?

It looks as if I have recovered from "writers block", so I will now wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.