Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring HAS sprung.... and the roof is down....................

It definitely is Spring, the birds are singing, the buds on the trees are swelling, flowers are blooming, all thanks goes to beautiful sunny warm weekend and some afternoon rain yesterday.   The ground needs to dry up a bit today, and tomorrow I am planning to get out and do some cleaning up.  Today, I am going to get into the sewing room for the afternoon and work on those blocks for the six quilts. 

I put a heater in the pond before Winter and it worked for a couple of weeks, then we had the deep freeze start and it stopped working, sad to say my goldfish did not survive.  Once the water in the pond has warmed up some I will drain it and start fresh with new fish.

Warm temps were forecasted for yesterday, and when the thermometer registered, 18*C we kept a watchful eye, hoping it would reach  21*C.  Why 21*C you might ask,  that is the minimum temp we will go out with the roof down on the convertible.   It reached 22*C off we went and enjoyed a nice ride, the sun warmed us, however, I did take a sweatshirt just in case.   Out into the country with no real destination in mind we ended up visiting a fellow teacher who taught with Dave years ago. We had a great visit, however, the rain forced up to put the roof up for our ride home.

  Have a great day.


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Gill - That British Woman said...

have seen a number of vehicles with the tops down. Nice to have the wind blowing through your hair.