Friday, March 25, 2011

Canadian Winters

Canadians, especially in the area where I live, have been moaning and groaning about the length of 2010-2011 Winter and trust me we have had good reason to do that here in South Western Ontario. Starting in November we have been battered with one snow storm after another. London, Ontario has had officially 292 cm of snow this season. I am sure all of the skiers, snowmobilers and those that enjoy snow related activities have had a wonderful season, I'm glad that you have had a great time, but enough is enough , it is now officially Spring.

I am not a lover of Winter, and I do more than my share of complaining, and we all blame Mother Nature for all of this weather, but she does not get much credit for all the beauty that the snow and cold weather brings. The intricate fronds of frost on the windows, each and every snow flake is different and sparkle in the sun like diamonds, the long icicles some reaching from roof tops to the ground. The wet snow and freezing rain we woke up to on Wednesday morning made the entire area look like a picture post card all the trees, shrubs, wire fences, everything was coated and shiny. It's nice to look at through the windows but having to go out in it, well, that's another story.
Yesterday and today have been cold but sunny and the heat from the sun has melted some of the snow and has left another great display from Mother Nature. Below are some photo's of "ice lace" I saw in my garden this afternoon.

If you are listening Mother Nature, we have had enough snow, I have given credit, where credit was due, now we want to see some of your other master pieces in the form of Spring flowers.
In my sewing room, I have my granddaughters wedding quilt back from the quilter's, the label is done and binding started, photo coming soon. My Indian Orange Peel quilt is all laid out (subject to change). I thought the arcs were time consuming, ha ha, was I wrong, the outside border segments are going to be a test of perseverance. I also have two wall hangings started, one is a scene much like the "Group of Seven" painters and the second is a Jungle scene using scraps from guild members Indian Orange Peel quilts. It will be awhile before they are completed.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring....

Normally I wouldn't be happy about it raining, but today is a little different, because it is melting the snow, and I am beginning to see grass in my back garden. Hopefully, this will be the last of the snow we will see this Winter but, I know it likely won't be the case. In the mean time, I like to think that this long cold snowy Winter is finally coming to an end.

So... this week I have put my sewing machine to rest for a few days, and started some Spring decorating. My guest bedroom has been in desperate need of a new coat of paint for a long time. Last year I purchased the paint, however, life got in the way. Prepping the surfaces took a long time, removing the paper border, sanding the woodwork, filling nail holes with plaster. On Monday I started painting and yesterday put the final coat on the walls in the closet. My muscles are going to be so thankful the job is completed. Now I have to move all the furniture back, hopefully everything will be done today and the rest of my house won't look as if a bomb has hit it.

I did take a break Thursday afternoon and purchase some fabric for a new quilt for the bed in the guest room. This will be the first quilt I have made for me.

The only problem in decorating a room in your home it makes all of the other rooms look as if they need a fresh coat of paint. Um mm.... maybe I should do my bedroom, the sewing room and the living room.

Hope you have a great weekend.