Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bucket List.....

While on vacation in Cuba I was able to cross another entry on my "bucket list".

Just a little bit of background information. I swim like a brick-----straight to the bottom, I am not comfortable when I am in any body of water where I cannot touch the bottom, I don't like water in my eyes especially salt water, and I don't like my hair to get wet and messed up, lol.

So what does this have to do with my bucket list-------I went swimming with dolphins.

The water was so deep I could not see the bottom let alone touch it, and didn't want to know how deep it was. Thank goodness for rules and regulations----I had to wear a life preserver, and it was secured tightly around my body. I got salt water in my eyes, my hair was soaking wet and messed up, but I had the time of my life.

The dolphins kissed me, I could stroke their bellies and noses, and they did tricks for us. I had a professional photo taken of me being kissed by two dolphins just to prove I did get in the water with them. They are such beautiful animals and so intelligent, I am so glad that I did it and I survived to tell you about it.

Not much sewing and quilting being done, however, I have to get in front of my machine and sew the block that is to be ready for our dinner meeting next week.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


For the past week I have been on vacation in Cuba, attending the "destination wedding" of my second eldest grand daughter. She had a lovely wedding, all the details were taken care of in just a couple of hours and everyone had a great time.
Now its back to life at home, no more---maids to make my bed, waiters offering drinks or food magically appearing when ever I am hungry.
It is going to take awhile to get caught up on all of your posts, will look at them and leave comments as soon as possible. A quick peek looks as if you all have been busy.