Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sewing on the binding.....

.....on the quilt being given to my great grandson, should be finished today.
Tomorrow is a Golden day for OH and myself, how fast those 50 years have gone. Due to OH's health I don't have the time or energy to plan anything at the present time. I do have a strong suspicion that our children are planning something next week.
Those of you that have been following my blog know that I have two adopted grand daughters from China. The eldest, 12 years old, was adopted in 1998, all six of the families that travelled together at that time, have a yearly reunion. This year's is being hosted by one of the families that lives in Ottawa. So tomorrow we are driving to Ottawa, a good 7 1/2 to 8 hours, but with two youngsters and an OH that require "pit" stops, and meal breaks, it will take a lot longer. I am always invited to attend these reunions because I was one of two Grandma's that travelled with the families. We always have a great time, but is all over in such a short period of time and then we wait 'til next year.
Going to be AOL for a few days, have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My second post today...

.....I am on a roll.

Can anyone identify this flower for me.
My youngest daughter gave me this plant several years ago. She received it from a co-worker, who was originally from the Philippines, I don't know if it is from there or not.

The white blossoms are approximately 1 inch in diameter, they look like a miniature rose. They last a couple of days then turn brown and become dry. The leaves are evergreen and shiny. The fragrance from these flowers is lovely but over powering. I put it outside during the Summer and it shoots out new growth off the main stems. and grows like wildfire, at the present time it is over 5 feet tall, after cutting it back during the Spring. It does OK during the Winter in the house in a south facing window.

Any ideas.


Afternoon outing....

A friend took OH out for a coffee, yesterday afternoon at " Timmies". (For those of you not in Canada, Tim Horton's is a coffee and donut shop, also now serving light meals and most recently getting into the ice cream market. It is affectionately called Timmies). One can sit and chat for long periods of time over one coffee, believe me, OH used to sit with his car buff friends for hours, twice a week.!!!
Several months ago this would not have been a big deal, however, at this point in time it gave me a chance to also get out of the house and not have worry about him for a couple of hours. So what did I do with my spare time?
No not a fabric shop, I went to an Apiary. I took my youngest two grand daughters to a local apiary. It was not just educational but the owners have set up a big play ground, and also a few barnyard animals. For $5.00 each we had three hours of fun, and came home with some delicious honey. I chose a lemon honey, yummy, had some on toast this a.m. This was also the choice for the eldest of the pair, the youngest chose chocolate honey.
It's marvelous what a few hours in the sun and fresh air, doing something out of the ordinary with not a care in the world can do for you. I felt so much better.
Dinner prepared, eaten and cleaned up then out to cut the lawn which was beginning to look like a forgotten hay field. That was my Monday.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yesterday was sooooooo uncomfortable, I feel so sorry for people that do not have A/C.
Thursday overnight we had rain, but we still had our windows open because of the lovely breeze, (I hate everything being shut up during the Summer), however, the early morning sun began to heat up and the humidity in the air increased. It was heavy, everything was damp and clingy, we hear later in the day that it felt like 40 C, with the humidex calculation. OH and I were eating breakfast and two smoke alarms started up, its the D/!% toaster again, so out comes the dish towel, to do the wafting thing under the alarm, but neither stop. A FIRE? Can't smell any smoke. Out to the garage to get the ladder to disconnect the batteries, before the neighbours call the fire department, by now the noise from both alarms is hurting my ears. At least I know they would wake us up.
Batteries out and all is quiet, still smell no smoke, so what caused them to activate? the batteries were new when we changed the clocks in the Spring. Then, remembering that sometimes the steam from the bathroom shower sets one off, I realize that the humidity in the air must have done it. A/C on, windows closed, new batteries in the alarms, both tested OK and all is quiet on the home front.
A good day to stay inside and quilt, got quite a bit done, happy with the results so far. Pics coming soon.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Finishing UFO's

Finally, some time to do a bit of quilting, so I have decided that before any new projects were going through my sewing machine, two UFO's were to be completed and given to their intended receiver. One finished (the birth announcement wall hanging) and the second (crib quilt) which I am hoping will be done by Sunday. Both projects are for my Great grandson, Ethan.

The cross stitch wedding sampler for my nephew, Jeff and his wife Cindy is finished and framed, ready to give to them in August, when they are having a family get together to celebrate their quiet July 2nd. wedding. When all completed I will post photo's.

Gill, from "That British Woman" asked me to post a photo of my pond. The "pond" is small, just the right size for our back garden. About 16 years ago, my two sons in law dug the hole, installed the liner, rocks and waterfall. The soil from the hole created a rock garden around it. All of the water lilies have finished blooming, I had five this year. At the present time the flowers in the garden are past their prime, next year I might plant some portulaca, SP? for some summer colour. The last photo shows my "duck" topiary, it hides the electric connection for the pump and filter. During the Winter we place a heater in the water to keep the fish alive. The white lines you can see over the pond is fishing line. Quite regularly we have a visiting heron looking for its dinner, this keeps it out of the water and is not too noticeable.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Garden.....

As mentioned in previous posts, gardening is second on my list of hobbies. Today I am showing two flowers currently in bloom in my back garden.

This water lily is the second pink one that has bloomed in my pond this year . I particularly like this photo as you can see the drops of rain water on the petals and leaves. Click on photo to get a better look.

This is a Brugmansia, a friend gave me a 12 inch cutting last Fall, telling me to keep it in the basement, watering it occasionally during the Winter. Bring it up into the sunshine early Spring and put it outside when all danger of frost is over. After following these instructions the cutting has rewarded me with some beautiful flowers, the photo does not do them justice. It is a delicate pink, at the outer edge, changing to a pale yellow at the base of the flower. If I had children or pets I would not grow this plant as it can be toxic if ingested.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Rain overnight and into this morning has put an end to the sweltering heat and humidity we have had for the past few days. My water butt is full and I should be able to pull the weeds out of the flower beds on Sunday, the ground was too dry to even try during this past week.

I needed a "pick me up" so yesterday I bought myself a new pair on sandles, they were on sale, but still cost a fair bit of money. They are good quality, so should last a few Summers. This a.m. I went had had my hair cut, I always feel so much better if my hair, in my opion, looks good. Then stopped at a local veg and fruit market for some fresh salad stuff for lunch.

Tomorrow we are visiting our son and family in Aurora, Ontario, we haven't seen them since Easter. He is a computer programmer, and just recently was able to pick up a used laptop for me. He has loaded all the programs I want, its sure is nice to have someone that knows what they are doing, to do all that for me.

Hand sewing has kept me busy during the evening hours. One of my nephews was married July 2nd. It was the second time around for him and his partner, just a quiet ceremony with the Justice of the Priest. She is such a nice girl, its a pity they didn't find each other the first time.
Their "reception" is going to be a garden party and BBQ mid August. As they have been living together for quite awhile, they really didn't need anything in the way of gifts, but I wanted to give them something, so I am making a cross stitch sampler with their names and wedding date on it. Will show photos when its done. Also started on the English paper piecing flowers for the Grandmothers Garden and finishing the quilt for my great grandson.

Hope everyone is having a great day.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Where do the days go.....

I can't believe my last post was dated June 14. So much has been going on during the past couple of weeks blogging was not on my list of things to do.

Our guild's last meeting prior to a Summer break, was hosted by one of our members on June 25. D's husband prepared a feast fit for a King. Thanks D & S.

First, I hope all the Canadian blogger's had a great Canada Day. I watched Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip attend the festivities in Ottawa, did my laundry and painted my bathroom.

OH has been in the hospital again, this time with an infection in his left foot and leg, not good news for a diabetic, happy to say he is now home and doing a lot better.

I am working on my GGS's crib quilt and a wall hanging for his room, when completed I will post photo's. I have also started some English paper piecing, and making a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt. It is something that I can pick up and stitch outside when I have a few minutes.

My garden is doing well, and I must say, so are the weeds, I have to get out and do something with them before they get ahead of me. The photo is one of the water lilies that is blooming in my pond, there is also a pink one starting to poke out of the water.

Short and sweet today,