Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My second post today...

.....I am on a roll.

Can anyone identify this flower for me.
My youngest daughter gave me this plant several years ago. She received it from a co-worker, who was originally from the Philippines, I don't know if it is from there or not.

The white blossoms are approximately 1 inch in diameter, they look like a miniature rose. They last a couple of days then turn brown and become dry. The leaves are evergreen and shiny. The fragrance from these flowers is lovely but over powering. I put it outside during the Summer and it shoots out new growth off the main stems. and grows like wildfire, at the present time it is over 5 feet tall, after cutting it back during the Spring. It does OK during the Winter in the house in a south facing window.

Any ideas.



Cheryl Willis said...


I am pretty sure they are Peony. When we moved here I planted some around our well to hide it (they are a fast growing plant) what I didn't know at the time is that they attract ants. Imagine my suprise when i turned on the tap one day and ants came out.
Hubby figured it out, the plants got moved, the well got a dose of bleach and the screens on all my fausets got cleaned.

beautiful flowers, be careful if you cut them to bring inside (I shake mine outside first)- cw

Pokey said...

That is my guess, too, the shiny leaves and the growth, but that one of yours almost looks like it has a curled bloom!

Barb H said...

If it has an orangey fragrance, it could be a double mock orange. Whatever it's called, it's a beautiful flower.

Piece by Piece said...

Cheryl, Pokey and Barb H, thanks for your information, however, I know that it not a peony, because it is a tree, or a mock orange as the fragrance is intoxicating, similar to jasmine only a lot stronger.

Shirleymac said...

Sounds beautiful. I don't know what it is but I also know it's not a Peony, unless there are different sub-species. Mine last longer than that and bloom earlier in the summer. I always found Mock Orange and misnomer. As far as I was concerned they stunk. I actually let a friend dig mine up to use in her yard.