Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Whew, it's hot, hot,  but then its Summer right!!  this heat and humidity has been in SW Ontario for a long time, no measurable rain for almost four weeks.  Tomorrow, Thursday, we can expect 38C plus the humidity index which will make it feel like the mid 40'sC.
In June's post I mentioned I went to Cuba for my grand daughter's wedding. On July 9th my daughter and son in law had a reception for those who could not attend the wedding.  I said I would make the wedding cake, never made a wedding cake before.  Dana and Cheady were married on the beach and I found this great photo on the Internet, (you gotta love the www), which was the perfect design.   

They do not like fruit cake, so I used a marble cake and iced the bottom and top tiers with buttercream icing and chocolate seashells which I made.  The middle tier was a glass bowl filled with sand and real seashells.  With the left over pieces of cake I made two sandcastles and covered the icing with graham cracker crumbs.  For bride and groom on the top of the cake I made two chocolate star fish, topped one with a top hat made from a chocolate melting disc and a small caramel cup- a top hat- and used a small piece of netting for the brides veil.  They do not show up very well in the photo.  They both loved the cake, so it was well worth all the time I spent on it.  Here are a couple of photo's, click on them and you can see the details.
  • Hope everyone is staying cool.         Patricia