Tuesday, June 23, 2015


A night of many sleeps, none which did a lot of good, because.........In London, during the night we had some intense thunderstorms and lots of rain.  Warnings for tornadoes were issued for the area, and this morning news of one possibly touched down.   Have not heard anymore at this point in time.  When arriving in St Thomas, it appears the overnight weather was no so bad, as not much water was in the rain gauge. 

Busy weekend gardening and doing a lot of errands.  

The house sale is looking even better today.

After posting this, I will be going to visit my Mother, then going out for dinner with past co-workers, then if I can stay awake I plan on getting in the sewing room for awhile and doing some more on the six quilts.

Must go,    have a great day.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Computer down...........

Took my lap top to be checked on Friday,  I wish I knew more than I do about computers, maybe, I should take a course this Winter.

Back on line again now.

The house sale is looking a lot more positive than it was, had an open house for real estate agents and one for the public on Thursday and  on Friday, had two showings.   Words from my agent, sound promising.

At dinner last night, Dave asked me if I wanted to go on an adventure!!!.   (He is a sweetheart)  Of course I said yes, not even knowing what it was all about.   The adventure.......to see if there were any "rush seats" available for the Shania Twain concert.    We were able to get two great seats, close enough to feel the heat from the flames they set off on the stage.   A very Las Vegas type show, with all of her popular songs and some I had not heard before.  Lots of lights, flames, fireworks and videos and confetti.  
Did some errands and then some gardening today.   It became very humid during the afternoon, which wasn't to pleasant. But,.....it's Summer tomorrow,  so can't expect anything different here in S.W. Ontario.

Hope you all had a great day.



Thursday, June 18, 2015

No rocking

No, there was no rocking me to sleep last night.

Most of the chores on my list from yesterday were completed.   Both front and back lawns were cut and trimmed and then the flower beds looked a bit weedy, so I gave all of those a quick going over.   If I do say so myself, the place looks quite nice, flowers ( I only have perennial's in my garden now) are starting to bloom one after another, so always a bit of colour showing.

I did do the three quilt tops, but only two backings are done, (had to add a stripe of fabric to the two sides)  so only two quilts, top and backing are ready to go to the quilter today. 

My car cost me a bundle,  but it was cheaper than buying a new one. The bill arrived yesterday for the maintenance and cleaning of the furnace, fireplace, and A/C. that was no little sum either. 
Does not take long for a few hundred dollars to slip through the fingers, does it? 

While having my dinner last night, I had a visitor.   My patio doors are right beside my dining table, and a cute little baby rabbit came right up to the screen, if it had been open I am sure it would have hopped right in.   No camera handing for a picture.   I was having a salad and it's little nose was twitching, wonder if it could smell the lettuce.

Well can't dawdle too long this morning, so better get a move on.

Hope you have a great day.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Open Houses----Update

Have to be out of my house tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and noon, so real estate agents can come in a go through my house.  Then in the evening open house for people to come in between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00p.m.  Real estate agent doing it during the week because of Father's Day this weekend.  A showing on Friday morning 10:45 - 11:45.

Will have to find something to do during those hours.  I am sure I can.

Here it is 1:30, so I am making a list of everything I need to get done before 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.

1     Finish the third quilt top, just four pieces of sashing.  Done...three quilt tops done.

2.   Add a strip of fabric to backing of said quilts so that I can drop them off tomorrow for quilting.

3.   Pick up my car, (it's in the repair shop).  Car will not be ready for about 2 hrs, time to cut the grass.  Done... but had to shell out a tidy sum.

4.   Mow the lawns.  (This will take about 2 hours.)  Done

5.   Make sure house is tidy

6.   Dinner.   Currently having that now.

7.    Sleep

8.    Get up, breakfast, shower and tidy bathroom. 

I will keep you updated as these chores get completed.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


After few wet days, today we have blue skies for a change.   The humidity from yesterday has gone, and with  a nice breeze it is becoming a lovely day.

House is neat and tidy and just waiting for the photographer to come and take pics for the new real estate agent.   Don't want to get into the sewing room, as I always have so many things laying around, so will have to wait until after lunch.  The garden is too wet to get into it at the present time, so I will see how much I can get done, as I want to get at least three of the quilt tops completed by week's end..

If you have been reading my blog for while, you know that I like to garden.  Thirteen years ago one of my GD's gave me two maple keys (seeds) to plant.  They both grew and she now has one in her front garden, which is about 15 feet or more tall.  The other, I kept and decided to make it a bonsai.  This tree has been give many years of tender care and bending the branches into a desirable shape.  I must tell you, I know very little about bonsai.  At this point in time it is doing well, however, it always had .large leaves, instead of small ones.  Last Winter I was told to cut all of the leaves off during the first week of June............that was a drastic move, but did it anyway.  Today I can see some small leaves starting to grow.  Quite pleased about that.

Update:  Had to put lap top away, pictures done, lunch eaten, and now I am off to the sewing room.

Hope you are having a great day.


Monday, June 15, 2015


My GGD and I made it through Friday with no problems, a walk to the park was cancelled due to some rain, however, we did go outside in it.   She with her rubber boots and raincoat and me under the big sunshade, blowing bubbles and she trying to catch them.  Colouring, painting and stickers kept us busy for quite a long time.  Snacks and a drink, but no naps for this little madam.   A lot of fun, and I didn't need any rocking to sleep that night.

Saturday we did some gardening and watched the hockey game.

Sunday a 65th birthday lunch for my friend's sister-in-law, ate much too much food, but it was so good.   Visited his sister during the late afternoon and evening.  She has MS as is doing OK at the present time, but you can see it is taking a toll on her.

Today was errand day.   It is very humid and quite uncomfortable,  the clouds are preventing all of the extra heat from making it feel even worse.

I have a quilt binding and label to sew on later today.

Tomorrow the new real estate broker will be talking photo's of the house, so have to make sure every thing is spic and span.

Hope you are having a great day.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Making some progress.

Sewing for an hour each morning before I do anything else is an excellent idea.   One quilt top is complete and the second only a few seams away from completion, only four more to do.  My goal is to have all six tops done by next week, so that I can send them off to the quilter and have them back in plenty of time to bind before the end of July.

A decision I made a couple of months ago has turned out to be a wrong one.  I put my house up for sale with a broker who provides all the necessaries for selling property, however, I had to do all the work myself.  I did that hoping I would be able to save a bundle in commission.   After re-thinking the situation, I have decided to hire a real estate agent, and we are meeting today. 

Lots of jobs on the ..to do.. list today.   Trim and cut both the front and back lawns,  AC getting its annual maintenance,  real estate broker meeting, deliver a birthday gift and pick up some groceries.

Just received a call from DGD#2, asking if I would look after my great grand daughter for a few hours tomorrow while she goes on a school trip with her son.   DGGD is three going on 10 years old, and I have not looked after her before, so I can see an interesting time tomorrow.

Must get myself moving,

Have a great day.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Good evening

Better late than never, so they say, who ever THEY are.

I was up early this morning and did an hour of sewing before breakfast. 

Then the plan for today was to pick up flowers for my Mum and get an early start for her house, however, after filling the car with gas, the ABS and skidding lights came on.   I don't like it when lights appear where there should be none.  Now, I do know what it means when they come on during the Winter when its slippery, but not when the roads are clear. So off I go to the garage, the car was tested and I need to have a new sensor, (more money, its not the part, its the labour that makes the repair bill so high) however, they could not do it today, but told me it was OK to drive the car.  Resumed by initial plan and visited Mum, she is such an amazing person, no one would ever guess she will be 98 years in August.  We had a great visit, lots of laughs.

The weather forecast today was for heavy rains, thunder storms which could spawn tornados, however, thank goodness, the forecast was wrong, at least in my neck of the woods.

Decided I need to take a closer look at the foods I am eating, well not necessarily the foods but the size of the servings.  As I have  either gained a few pounds here and there, or all of my Summer clothes have shrunk over the Winter, I am sure it is the latter.  lol.
I it wouldn't  hurt me if I walked a bit more than I am.   Now, if I remember correctly, was this not one of my New Years resolutions.

If you made any, are you still sticking to your resolutions,

Well the clock is indicating that it is getting close to bedtime.

Sleep well.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015


We had more showers overnight, which made the garden too wet to work in, the sky did clear around noon, so its looking like a nice sunny afternoon.

Plan on sewing this afternoon, want to get at least one of the six quilts put together today, hoping to get them all done by the end of the month, so during July I can sew the binding in place.

Now lunch is in order and then must get moving or the day will be over before I get started.

Have a good day.


Monday, June 8, 2015

Wet Monday

Late last evening, during the night and this morning we have had showers and cooler temps.  The rain is needed so cant complain.  Glad I transplanted some phlox yesterday.

Busy but pleasant day with both of the birthday girls yesterday, they grow up so fast don't want to miss any of those mile stones.  In just a couple of weeks the children will be finished the school year and on holidays for the Summer.

Hoping to be able to get tickets to see a Fringe Festival performance tonight, it has had some good reviews, so keeping our fingers crossed.

No much to say on this ho hum day.

Hope you are having a good day.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lovely weekend.

The annuals I planted in urns and window boxes last weekend are coming along nicely.  The Clematis  at my house and the one where I am going to be living are out in full bloom and look lovely, the roses are also out and smell heavenly. 

A full day yesterday, early in the morning went to a car show, a lot bigger than in previous years, which means more money will be going to the charities.  Walked around at looked at the cars and made out our wish list, which will never get filled.   Watched the Dancing Tractors, which was a lot of fun.  It was a lovely sunny day so enjoyed it immensely  In the evening went to a local theatre, as saw The Rhinestone Cowgirl,  music from Dolly Parton, we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Two tired old people made it to bed at midnight.

Today we attended two birthday parties, one for a 7year old grand daughter during the afternoon  and another for a 13 year old grand daughter at a restaurant for dinner.

A light shower in the evening, which did nothing but wet everything wet, not enough to do any good.

Well I think this weekend is catching up with me so an early night I think.

Good night.


Friday, June 5, 2015

We are on a roll.....

Two days in a row, doing good am I not.

Today is a lovely day, wish our Summer days were all like this, beautiful blue skies, gentle breeze, temps in the mid to high 20s and no humidity.  I have my patio doors open as I am writing this and one of the neighbours is cooking bacon..........why does it have to smell so good, when it's so bad for you.

Cut my front lawn again last evening, how long does fertilizer keep working  LOL.

My youngest grand daughter is thirteen today, a teenager, where did all that time go.  She became my grand daughter when she was nine months old, (we had only seen photos of her prior to that),  such a little baby, but always had a smile on her face.  Now such a beautiful and smart young lady.......lady,....well not quite yet, but she is working on that, have to get through these tough teenage years first. 

A busy weekend coming up,  Saturday...car show during the day, theatre in the evening.   Sunday...one birthday party for Dave's youngest grand daughter in the afternoon and dinner with my youngest grand daughter in the evening.    Monday...nothing planned as yet.....but there is always something to do.

Did my hour of sewing this morning, now errands to be done, so ...have a great day.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Absent for too long

All my good intensions of writing a daily blog did not last long.   However, now I am back and hopefully, will continue to write something every day.

Where have I been, no where....just busy, busy, busy.

Doing what you may ask.........well......

Earlier in the Spring I fertilized my lawn, I now have beautiful green grass that needs to be cut every few days.  However, I would rather mow the lawn than shovel snow.

Weeds, weeds and more weeds, where do they all come from, so I have been removing them from the flower beds.

Drained the pond.....(the Winter was so cold all of my fish died)  needed to remove them and refill with fresh water and some new fish.

Need to keep my house spick and span for potential buyers to come and see.  
House sale is not going as I had hoped........To save the real estate commission fees, .I decided at the end of March to use a real estate company which provides all of the info, photos, signs etc. and do all of the work myself, ie: putting up for sale, and open house signs and conducting the open houses etc. etc.   Re-thinking that decision, as it appears to be a bad call on my part.
I was hoping a family members relocation would result in something positive, but that didn't happen.  Being in this limbo situation, and not moving forward is difficult for me.

The house I will be moving into has not had a woman's touch for quite awhile, so major cleaning and tidying been done there, and now it is looking a lot better.   We are now working on the outside, painting, gardening and adding flowers in urns, hanging planters and window boxes, it is amazing how these changes make the outside of a house look so much better. 

Keeping up with family functions, times two.  Between the two of us we have five children, all married except one.   A total of nine grandchildren and two great grands.  When you add in our brothers and sisters etc. you can understand how busy we are.   Date nights to ball games, concerts and theatre .....well there is just not enough time in the days.

Quilting...yes that too.  I have two comfort quilts to complete, plus only a few blocks left to make for the six quilts that need to be finished by the end of July.   I have be getting up about 6:30 and sewing for an hour or so, so that I will be able to complete the six quilts. 

Visiting my Mum and doing chores for her.  She does an amazing job considering her age, however, major housecleaning is beyond her now.  Mum will be 98 years in August, so my sister and I are planning our yearly reunion-birthday party for mid August.

Well should close this post and get moving.

Have a great day.