Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Good evening

Better late than never, so they say, who ever THEY are.

I was up early this morning and did an hour of sewing before breakfast. 

Then the plan for today was to pick up flowers for my Mum and get an early start for her house, however, after filling the car with gas, the ABS and skidding lights came on.   I don't like it when lights appear where there should be none.  Now, I do know what it means when they come on during the Winter when its slippery, but not when the roads are clear. So off I go to the garage, the car was tested and I need to have a new sensor, (more money, its not the part, its the labour that makes the repair bill so high) however, they could not do it today, but told me it was OK to drive the car.  Resumed by initial plan and visited Mum, she is such an amazing person, no one would ever guess she will be 98 years in August.  We had a great visit, lots of laughs.

The weather forecast today was for heavy rains, thunder storms which could spawn tornados, however, thank goodness, the forecast was wrong, at least in my neck of the woods.

Decided I need to take a closer look at the foods I am eating, well not necessarily the foods but the size of the servings.  As I have  either gained a few pounds here and there, or all of my Summer clothes have shrunk over the Winter, I am sure it is the latter.  lol.
I it wouldn't  hurt me if I walked a bit more than I am.   Now, if I remember correctly, was this not one of my New Years resolutions.

If you made any, are you still sticking to your resolutions,

Well the clock is indicating that it is getting close to bedtime.

Sleep well.


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