Friday, June 5, 2015

We are on a roll.....

Two days in a row, doing good am I not.

Today is a lovely day, wish our Summer days were all like this, beautiful blue skies, gentle breeze, temps in the mid to high 20s and no humidity.  I have my patio doors open as I am writing this and one of the neighbours is cooking bacon..........why does it have to smell so good, when it's so bad for you.

Cut my front lawn again last evening, how long does fertilizer keep working  LOL.

My youngest grand daughter is thirteen today, a teenager, where did all that time go.  She became my grand daughter when she was nine months old, (we had only seen photos of her prior to that),  such a little baby, but always had a smile on her face.  Now such a beautiful and smart young lady.......lady,....well not quite yet, but she is working on that, have to get through these tough teenage years first. 

A busy weekend coming up, show during the day, theatre in the evening. birthday party for Dave's youngest grand daughter in the afternoon and dinner with my youngest grand daughter in the evening.    Monday...nothing planned as yet.....but there is always something to do.

Did my hour of sewing this morning, now errands to be done, so ...have a great day.



Mary said...

Happy Birthday to 'Miss Teen' - amazing how fast they grow. My youngest grand graduates from high school Tuesday - a very special day for us. Then we take her to England on Friday - 10 days in Devon and a few days in London, and believe it or not, the long term weather forecast looks sunny and warm, wow hope they are right!

Enjoy the weekend dear.
Mary -

Gill - That British Woman said...

good to catch up with what you have been up too. House selling is a very stressful time for all. Fingers crossed you get an offer soon.