Tuesday, June 16, 2015


After few wet days, today we have blue skies for a change.   The humidity from yesterday has gone, and with  a nice breeze it is becoming a lovely day.

House is neat and tidy and just waiting for the photographer to come and take pics for the new real estate agent.   Don't want to get into the sewing room, as I always have so many things laying around, so will have to wait until after lunch.  The garden is too wet to get into it at the present time, so I will see how much I can get done, as I want to get at least three of the quilt tops completed by week's end..

If you have been reading my blog for while, you know that I like to garden.  Thirteen years ago one of my GD's gave me two maple keys (seeds) to plant.  They both grew and she now has one in her front garden, which is about 15 feet or more tall.  The other, I kept and decided to make it a bonsai.  This tree has been give many years of tender care and bending the branches into a desirable shape.  I must tell you, I know very little about bonsai.  At this point in time it is doing well, however, it always had .large leaves, instead of small ones.  Last Winter I was told to cut all of the leaves off during the first week of June............that was a drastic move, but did it anyway.  Today I can see some small leaves starting to grow.  Quite pleased about that.

Update:  Had to put lap top away, pictures done, lunch eaten, and now I am off to the sewing room.

Hope you are having a great day.


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