Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lovely weekend.

The annuals I planted in urns and window boxes last weekend are coming along nicely.  The Clematis  at my house and the one where I am going to be living are out in full bloom and look lovely, the roses are also out and smell heavenly. 

A full day yesterday, early in the morning went to a car show, a lot bigger than in previous years, which means more money will be going to the charities.  Walked around at looked at the cars and made out our wish list, which will never get filled.   Watched the Dancing Tractors, which was a lot of fun.  It was a lovely sunny day so enjoyed it immensely  In the evening went to a local theatre, as saw The Rhinestone Cowgirl,  music from Dolly Parton, we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Two tired old people made it to bed at midnight.

Today we attended two birthday parties, one for a 7year old grand daughter during the afternoon  and another for a 13 year old grand daughter at a restaurant for dinner.

A light shower in the evening, which did nothing but wet everything wet, not enough to do any good.

Well I think this weekend is catching up with me so an early night I think.

Good night.


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