Thursday, June 18, 2015

No rocking

No, there was no rocking me to sleep last night.

Most of the chores on my list from yesterday were completed.   Both front and back lawns were cut and trimmed and then the flower beds looked a bit weedy, so I gave all of those a quick going over.   If I do say so myself, the place looks quite nice, flowers ( I only have perennial's in my garden now) are starting to bloom one after another, so always a bit of colour showing.

I did do the three quilt tops, but only two backings are done, (had to add a stripe of fabric to the two sides)  so only two quilts, top and backing are ready to go to the quilter today. 

My car cost me a bundle,  but it was cheaper than buying a new one. The bill arrived yesterday for the maintenance and cleaning of the furnace, fireplace, and A/C. that was no little sum either. 
Does not take long for a few hundred dollars to slip through the fingers, does it? 

While having my dinner last night, I had a visitor.   My patio doors are right beside my dining table, and a cute little baby rabbit came right up to the screen, if it had been open I am sure it would have hopped right in.   No camera handing for a picture.   I was having a salad and it's little nose was twitching, wonder if it could smell the lettuce.

Well can't dawdle too long this morning, so better get a move on.

Hope you have a great day.


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