Thursday, June 4, 2015

Absent for too long

All my good intensions of writing a daily blog did not last long.   However, now I am back and hopefully, will continue to write something every day.

Where have I been, no where....just busy, busy, busy.

Doing what you may ask.........well......

Earlier in the Spring I fertilized my lawn, I now have beautiful green grass that needs to be cut every few days.  However, I would rather mow the lawn than shovel snow.

Weeds, weeds and more weeds, where do they all come from, so I have been removing them from the flower beds.

Drained the pond.....(the Winter was so cold all of my fish died)  needed to remove them and refill with fresh water and some new fish.

Need to keep my house spick and span for potential buyers to come and see.  
House sale is not going as I had hoped........To save the real estate commission fees, .I decided at the end of March to use a real estate company which provides all of the info, photos, signs etc. and do all of the work myself, ie: putting up for sale, and open house signs and conducting the open houses etc. etc.   Re-thinking that decision, as it appears to be a bad call on my part.
I was hoping a family members relocation would result in something positive, but that didn't happen.  Being in this limbo situation, and not moving forward is difficult for me.

The house I will be moving into has not had a woman's touch for quite awhile, so major cleaning and tidying been done there, and now it is looking a lot better.   We are now working on the outside, painting, gardening and adding flowers in urns, hanging planters and window boxes, it is amazing how these changes make the outside of a house look so much better. 

Keeping up with family functions, times two.  Between the two of us we have five children, all married except one.   A total of nine grandchildren and two great grands.  When you add in our brothers and sisters etc. you can understand how busy we are.   Date nights to ball games, concerts and theatre .....well there is just not enough time in the days.

Quilting...yes that too.  I have two comfort quilts to complete, plus only a few blocks left to make for the six quilts that need to be finished by the end of July.   I have be getting up about 6:30 and sewing for an hour or so, so that I will be able to complete the six quilts. 

Visiting my Mum and doing chores for her.  She does an amazing job considering her age, however, major housecleaning is beyond her now.  Mum will be 98 years in August, so my sister and I are planning our yearly reunion-birthday party for mid August.

Well should close this post and get moving.

Have a great day.



Livin' Blue Quilter said...

glad that you are back. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilts.

Barb H said...

Happy to hear from you again. I'd begun to wonder where you were! Having a house up for sale is the pits, isn't it?

Mary said...

Lovely to see you here again Patricia - can see why you've been missing with so much going on!
Hope a buyer comes along soon, perhaps with warmer weather there the real estate market with take off soon.

Take care - Mary