Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yesterday was sooooooo uncomfortable, I feel so sorry for people that do not have A/C.
Thursday overnight we had rain, but we still had our windows open because of the lovely breeze, (I hate everything being shut up during the Summer), however, the early morning sun began to heat up and the humidity in the air increased. It was heavy, everything was damp and clingy, we hear later in the day that it felt like 40 C, with the humidex calculation. OH and I were eating breakfast and two smoke alarms started up, its the D/!% toaster again, so out comes the dish towel, to do the wafting thing under the alarm, but neither stop. A FIRE? Can't smell any smoke. Out to the garage to get the ladder to disconnect the batteries, before the neighbours call the fire department, by now the noise from both alarms is hurting my ears. At least I know they would wake us up.
Batteries out and all is quiet, still smell no smoke, so what caused them to activate? the batteries were new when we changed the clocks in the Spring. Then, remembering that sometimes the steam from the bathroom shower sets one off, I realize that the humidity in the air must have done it. A/C on, windows closed, new batteries in the alarms, both tested OK and all is quiet on the home front.
A good day to stay inside and quilt, got quite a bit done, happy with the results so far. Pics coming soon.


Hazel said...

Don't I know it ,the heat I love but this humidity is terrible .

Barb H said...

My smoke alarms go off whenever I use the oven at more than 400 degrees, even though there's no smoke--most of the time.LOL. I'm so ready for Autumn when the air clears up and we will have warm and dry weather. Summer? Bah!

Rhoda said...

This is the weather that makes us welcome fall, even though we know what comes next! I worked outside yesterday morning for quite a while because there was a good breeze, then cooled off in the pool for a while. That whole smoke alarm thing is a little freaky, isn't it?

Gill - That British Woman said...

I hate this weather, and agree with you about having the windows open to let some fresh air in. I don't think this coming week is going to be any better either?


quiltfool said...

Ugh, it's hot, hot, hot here too. No smoke alarms yet. Yesterday, it was sunny and then the wind blew like gangbusters and suddenly it was raining. Nice relief, but so sudden. Enjoy quilting. Lane