Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday already.......

Where does the time go?

Had a great time with "the girls" last night at dinner and theatre, that is the good news. 

The bad news, we got a parking ticket, can you believe that a restaurant does not have any parking for it's customers?  We had not been to this restaurant before so did not know about the parking situation,  that is no excuse I know, but it ticked us off that there were no visible signs indicating a parking voucher was required.   I drive on theatre night, so everyone chipped in for payment of the ticket, which I appreciated very much.  It turned out to be an expensive evening, dinner with wine, of course,  theatre ticket,and then a whopping $74.00 parking ticket, but only $42.00 if it is paid within seven days.  I paid it today.

A ho hum day regarding the weather, cloudy  with the sun desperately trying to poke through.  Not all that cold, about -5*C and no wind, so no complaints from me today.

Trying to get back on track with healthy eating habits, so making a big pot of vegetable soup, it is simmering away as I write, and should be ready soon.

Sewing this afternoon on DD1's blocks.   Guild meeting tomorrow night, and my comfort quilt block is already made.

"Soup's on"............

Have a great day


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Barb H said...

HOly Moly! That's a hefty parking fine! You probably could have taken a cab for 42 bucks! Glad you enjoyed the evening with your friends--until the ticket, of course.