Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today the sun can't decide......

whether to shine, filter through the thin clouds or slip behind some darker ones, that's OK as we are not having any additional snow.  However, that may change later on in the week as the forecast in the newspaper is showing  a lot of snow flakes for Thursday.

Yesterday I visited my Mother, she is doing very well for her age.  Even though her eyesight is poor she still insists of cooking a meal when I visit her, (Mother's are like that).  For dessert she made a rice pudding, not with the instant rice, as in her words, that rice is tasteless.   So she uses the long grain rice and being British the pudding has to be baked in the oven.   Now, I mentioned previously she has poor eyes, so just a little too much rice and not enough milk was in the baking dish.  We added more milk, when ready to eat, it tasted good, however,  it was definitely a "stick to the ribs" pudding.   We had a good laugh about that.

Walked 4 kms this morning,  and just as I expected I don't need a lot of persuading to go and do it, and after walking for just two weeks I feel a lot better for it. 

Going into the sewing room to work  on DD1's quilt blocks after posting this.   To give my self a position change I will also be cutting some of the fabric required for the six quilts I will be making for the girls who were adopted at the same time as K, who just celebrated her 17th birthday. 

Must go....

Have a great day.



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