Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grey again today

As my title indicates, we have clouds and a few flakes of snow today, possible breaks of sunshine in the forecast this afternoon, so keeping fingers crossed

Had intended on doing 3 km's again today, however, started walking and talking with a friend and did 5 km's.  I still have to talk myself in going, but hoping after this week it will become more of a regular routine and I won't need that talk.   I feel so much better and have more energy, and I need that at this time of the year.

Did not do any de-cluttering yesterday, hoping to do at least an hour of it today and every day for the rest of the week.  Should get a lot accomplished that way.

Worked on DD1's quilt blocks yesterday.  Why am I attracted to quilts that have a lot of small pieces in the blocks?  I guess I like the complex look of the quilt when it is completed, even though it is simple to put together.  Using small pieces of fabric require exact cutting and sewing, and patience, of which, I have a lot.   It also uses up small pieces of fabric which is always a plus.  

Looks as if I have answered my own question.   What kind of quilt attracts your attention?   One made with traditional, modern, small or large blocks?  Complicated or easy?

Going out to dinner and then to the theatre tonight with friends I use to worked with.  Always enjoy chatting with them all.

Well must go........


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Barb H said...

Good question, Patricia. I think I like quilts with lots of pieces like you. Everyone is so impressed--especially if they don't know all the shortcuts we quilters take! Ha!