Thursday, January 29, 2015


The blue skies and sun of yesterday have now been replaced by grey clouds which are going to bring us some snow flurries today.

We thoroughly enjoyed the concert last night.  Because the feature singer is very popular, and the concert was free........not too many things are free these days........the queue was quite long when we arrived.   We were hoping we would not be disappointed, no worries, got excellent seats.  The next performance, the jazz community has one concert per month, will be in late February, then another mid March.

De-cluttering a storage room today, you know the one, the one with all the seasonal decoration etc. that won't see the light of day until November. 

Yesterday, I finally removed the poinsettia from the living room, the leaves had started to fall and it looked quite near the end of it's run.   In the past I have cut back the stems and new growth appeared.  Transplanting them outside during the Summer, and bringing them in before being nipped by a frost.  Putting them in the dark as per the instructions, however, never had any blooms for the second time.  It seemed like a fruitless exercise, so did not even bother with this plant.

Have you ever had any luck in getting a poinsettia to bloom again.?

Having a late lunch today, so should finish this post.

Have a great day.



Faye Henry said...

Hello.. Thanks for dropping by my blog.. I also put my 2 poinsettias away yesterday as I just don't like them after Christmas is over.. I tried once to keep them but like you no results.. It would be worth it if they would bloom again as my friend's does.. I guess my thumb is not green enough.. We live near a town here in N. B. called Sussex.. Noticed you were born in Sussex, England.. Have a great weekend.. xo

Barb H said...

No, I've never had luck getting my poinsettia to bloom a second time. I think I either don't have a dark enough space for them or I forgot to turn the lights on when I should have. Gray is the word of the season where I live. Yesterday I saw some blue patches in the sky against the solid gray clouds and thought I was hallucinating! HA!