Friday, January 2, 2015

I am still here........

Thank you Patricia for your concern, I am just fine.

Life just got so busy and honestly I did not have too much to say, so took some time away from blogging.  I am now back for 2015.

A quick recap of what has been happening during the past few months.

I have completed the top of the quilt for my youngest daughter, (photo to follow when camera battery is charged),  the top for my eldest daughter is what I am currently working on.  Collecting the fabric for my son's quilt.   Hoping to have all these completed by Easter.

In my last post I mentioned the six quilts for all the girls who were adopted at the same time as one of my grand daughters.  All of the girls have now wrote a little message and signed a six inch piece of fabric, all of the fabric for these quilts has been purchased and I know the blocks I will be using for these quilts.   All of them are to be completed by August.

A former co-worker's Mother found three quilt tops belonging to her great  grand mother, and asked it I knew anyone who would complete them.  These quilts were all hand pieced and were beautiful, so I took on the challenge.  Purchased the backing fabric and sent them to the quilter, then I attached the binding.   Two were completed and my co-worker was able to give them to her Mother just prior to Christmas and the last one I will deliver today.

The new person in my life is making me very happy and the future may see some major changes.

Everyone in my family is well, my Mother celebrated her 97th birthday in August, 2014,  my grand son became engaged to a very nice girl, (another quilt to be made for them in 2016), 

We had a green Christmas, and now it is Jan. 2nd and we still have no snow, and I like it that way.  Blue skies and the sun shining through my windows this morning, however, that can change very quickly as we have a lot of Winter to get through yet. 

The quilting guild I belong to will be having our holiday dinner and gift exchange on Monday, Jan 6th, looking forward to that.   This will bring all of my holiday celebrations to an end and then back into a regular routine again.  

Did I make any New Year resolutions?  Of course, try to be more conscious of healthy eating habits, please note I didn't say "diet and loose weight".  Will I keep this resolution?  yes, I will try to do my best.   Did you make any resolutions?

It looks as if I have recovered from "writers block", so I will now wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.



Patricia Ellingford said...

Phew thats a relief. Glad you are okay. Happy that life is good for you now and all that love tied up in those quilts you are creating lovely heirlooms for your family and friends. Such a good heart. Glad you are happy and change - that can be good. Here's wishing you health wealth and so much happiness for this coming year to you and yours. Take care

Pattypan (aka Tricia)


Barb H said...

So glad to hear from you again. Having a new person in one's life can take up a lot of time--and in a good way. :) Happy quilting in 2015! You have quite a list of tops to be made!