Friday, July 18, 2014

Two overdue quilting projects

While I was away on vacation in June, the quilting guild I belong to had their last get together/pot luck dinner, prior to having the Summer off.   Those of you who have been following me know our guild makes quilts for the chemo patients at our local hospital.   Each month all members make a 12 1/2 inch block, in previously chosen colours.  Red and grey were the colours for the June meeting, however, life got in the way...again,  mine  did not get done until early this week.   Yesterday I delivered my overdue down.

During the past year I have been working on a quilt for my youngest daughter and her husband.  The top and backing was also delivered yesterday to the long arm's when I get it back. two down.

Now those are out of my sewing room I have started on the quilt for daughter number one and her husband, and also planning on six.............yes six more.  

Let me explain.....  In 1998, daughter #2 and hubby adopted a baby from China, travelling with five other couples who were also picking up their babies.  Every year since '98 we, (I went to China with them) have been having a reunion, each family takes a turn in hosting and this year we go to Ottawa.  In 2015 it is my daughter's turn to host the reunion, at which time all of the girls will be 17 years old and thinking about furthering their education and starting to go their separate ways, and sadly these yearly get together's may be a thing of the past.  Over the years these girls and parents have been a support group for each other and they will miss these yearly reunions.   I know social media will allow them to be in contact with each other but..........I wanted them to have something they can touch....................So what does a quilter do...............she makes quilts, six quilts.

My idea....This year at the reunion, I am going to have all six girls write a short message and sign six blocks of white fabric, then over the next year I am going to make a quilt for each girl.  I am think of printing photo's from all of the reunions onto fabric and incorporating them into these quilts along with some Asian inspired fabric.    I am hoping it will be a nice surprise for all of them.    

What do you think?

Header photo is from  Yellowstone National Park,  if you ever get a chance to go, it is a fantastic experience.  Just knowing you are standing close to this hot ground just inches from bubbling mud and water heated from the earth's core is...........well, I can't find the words.

Have a great weekend,  just like all the weekends I now have, mine is going to be very busy, attending a music festival, an air show, and a family picnic.



Jacqui's Quilts said...

What a GREAT idea Pat!! Those girls will love that.


Patricia Ellingford said...

Hi Patricia hope everything is alright do not seem to have heard from you lately on the feed (unless blogger has thrown a wobbly for me). Hope everything is okay. Take care