Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Home safe and sound

I am now back home after having a wonderful two week vacation with the new man in my life. 

On our way to British Columbia to visit his brother,  we made stops in Yellowstone National Park, to see "Old Faithful" and all of the steaming ponds of boiling mud and water, quite an impressive place to visit. There were many interesting and amazing places we visited, I must say, for me this was the highlight of the trip.  We also visited the Badlands of South Dakota, getting up at 4:30 a.m. to see them during in the light of the sun rise, only to be disappointed, due to a layer of fog which seemed to come out of no where just as the sun came up.  Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse, the William F. Cody Museum, Custer State Park.  Sighting buffalo, elk, prairie dog, mule deer, pronghorns, burros, Coyotes and also black bear. The beautiful scenery of mountains and plains.  On June 21st, the first day of Summer, we drove to the top of one mountain, not a planned route,  (at the base of a mountain we had to make a decision, take a scenic route or highway #212, we took the highway, a mistake, no  the views were amazing) we drove though 10 foot snow drifts on each side of the road, the temp was 4*C and people were skiing, and snow began to fall as we began our decent. 

Heading north we crossed the border into B.C. visiting family, then on to Banff, Jasper, climbing to the base of a glacier and Lake Louise, before beginning our return journey to home.

After dodging heavy rain and forecasted tornadoes during the first days of our trip, we had beautiful weather for the remainder of our travels.

Back to reality, the garden needs weeding, and the lawn does need a trim and I need to make a block for our guild's June chemo quilt and also need to work on some UFO's.



sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Lovely to hear from you, I wondered where you were, pleased you had a good trip with 'The New Man'

cottonreel said...

Welcome home
I'm so pleased all went well for you

Barb H said...

It sounds as though you had a fabulous trip! And with a new man in your life, it surely was extra special!