Thursday, July 10, 2014

Perfect day

Thursday morning, it is a beautiful sunny day, no humidity, laundry on the line and drying in a light breeze and later going out to lunch with a relative of my late husband, what could make this day any better

What could make this day any better?...................Last weekend I was given a container of miscellaneous unfinished craft projects.   These projects were started by a woman, who passed away before any of them could be completed.  In one of the bags I discovered flannel fabric cut and ready to sew into quilt for a child.  I knew then and there this fabric had to be sewn together and this project completed.   No pattern was included in the bag,  just a few hand written notes which indicated it should be a quilt as you go, rag quilt.  Not a fan of rag quilts, I decided to do a quilt as you go, but cover the seams,  I like tidy. 

What could make this day any better?...............The warm feeling I have knowing that this quilt is now finished and I will be giving it back to the person who gave me the container so it can be given to a child, maybe the child who it was intended to go to in the first place.  



Hazel said...

Welcome home ,you were missed .What a lovely thought to finish the quilt and return it to a family member I'm sure they will treasure it .

Barb H said...

I agree with you, Pat. Making that child's quilt was a gesture of love.