Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Checking In....

Life is like a rollercoaster, so much to take care of before I go on vacation.

Busy cutting the front and back lawns, it seems like an endless job at this time of the year,   why did I fertilize a few weeks ago.?   Gardens are looking fine at the moment, as all the weeds have been taken care of.  Thankful for family and neighbours who will to taking care of all this while I am away.

Quilting a table topper for a fellow quilter, do want to get it completed by the end of this week and get it delivered to her.   Also, need to complete by block for our guild,  I see some night time sewing coming up.

Lovely day today, hot and humid though which makes it a bit uncomfortable to do a lot of work outside.  Not that I mind, it is about time we had some seasonable weather. 

Going to be absent for awhile,  keep well.




Hazel said...

Have a great vacation ,looking forward to your safe return .

cottonreel said...

The weather is goo here .
Enjoy your holiday