Saturday, January 31, 2015


Here we are the last day of January, and closer to the end of Winter.   We do have a very weak sun which is trying to get through the clouds, however, not having much success today.

Accomplished a lot of sewing yesterday, all 120 small blocks are finished, now I need to start on the other 120 blocks.  These are bigger and not so many small pieces so they will make up a lot quicker.
Also during this coming week I am going to start piecing the blocks for the six quilts for the girls.

Also got a lot of de-cluttering done yesterday, but still have to decide what has to go, and what is going to stay.  Big decisions have to be made.

Having a relaxed weekend, and of course, the big football game tomorrow.  Never did know much about the rules so was never really interested.  I will be watching it as Dave will be.

Have a good weekend.


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