Thursday, January 15, 2015


It was cold again last night, and it is cloudy this morning, so the temps should moderate some.  The forecast for the weekend is predicting day time temps around +1*C, so it appears we will be coming out of the deep freeze for awhile.

Had a nice visit with my Mother yesterday.  Opened one of the wines she received for Christmas and we both had a glass with our sandwich at lunch.   We don't have one with our dinner as I have to drive home shortly thereafter.  Dinner last night was liver and onions, and it was very good too.  Her insurance agent dropped by and the policy was renewed for another year, she has difficulty reading and sometimes understand all of the details, so she prefers to have someone else there. 

Need to do some errands and go for my walk before lunch and then I can sew during the afternoon. Still working on DD1 quilt, she requested the colour to be earth tones. 

It  is hard to believe we are in the middle of January already, the time since Christmas has just flow by.  As far as I am concerned Winter can now be over, but we have  Feb to get through yet.  A friend suggested I should embrace the cold weather, bundle up and get out in it.  Sorry, I don't embrace the cold, give me any of the other three seasons to embrace and I am much happier. 

Which season of the year is your favourite.

 One today and another tomorrow and Dave will have completed all of his treatments.  Tests that will be done in July will indicate, success or failure. 

Well, this is not getting my chores started is it, so .....

Have a great day


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Mary said...

Your mother sounds like quite an amazing lady - she must be a good age too. How wonderful that you still have her to visit and that you can even enjoy a glass of wine together. I miss my mum so much - she lived to be 91 and has been gone 13 years - and I still feel sad I didn't spend much time with her in my adult years. I left England when I was 19! Our almost annual meetings here, or across the pond, were always so wonderful precious, and some quite memorable!

Great news that your Dave - am I to take it that he is that special 'new man' you've spoken of - is through his chemo? "WAY TO GO Dave - join the rest of we survivors and stay well from here on out. We're pulling for you and will remember you in our prayers".

My favorite season has to be Autumn - love the colors, the cooler but not yet cold weather, the thoughts of less gardening ahead, the Holiday season to prepare for and enjoy. . . . . and of course my October birthday each year bringing me another year to be so grateful for!

Stay snug Patricia.
Hugs - Mary