Friday, January 30, 2015


Only an inch or so of snow fell last night but it was just enough to cover all of the dirty snow banks on the side of the street, so everything is clean and white again as I look out my window.   Morning clouds are breaking up and it is looking as if the sun will be shining today. 

All of my good intentions of doing some de-cluttering fell by the wayside yesterday, but I wasn't lounging around doing nothing......well...... for a while I was, computers can be a big time waster.....can you call browsing through a free motion quilting blog wasting time?  I must try and do some of the techniques I saw and read about.   

Do you get aimlessly searching around the web, looking for quilting related subjects and then wonder where all the time went?    

I did go into the sewing room for a couple of hours and worked on my daughters quilt blocks,  making good progress.   Today, I will cut fabric so that the next session in the sewing room will be at the sewing machine. 

This is not getting things done, so must get a move on..................

Have a great day


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