Friday, January 16, 2015

A quick hello

Just popping in the blogger land for a few minutes today, I will get to read your posts later.

We have sun, and snow flurries today, but all in all it is not a bad day.

Busy today, walked 3 Km's, went to the grocery store and also the pharmacy.   Took my car to the car wash, it was a disgrace, however, I know it will not stay clean for very long on the roads today, but it was clean.  Filled the car with fuel, then went to the bank to do some business there.  Had my lunch and made an apple crumble.

We are going out for dinner tonight, to celebrate the final treatment, so we will have the apple crumble for dinner tomorrow.

Finished 120 blocks for my DD1's quilt yesterday, I am liking the way it is looking and I am sure she is going to be pleased with the final product too.  Plan on doing some hand sewing this weekend.

Have a great weekend.


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Pokey said...

Hi, Patricia, it's good to read you are out and about! Hope your new year is a good one. I'm still trying to pop in from time to time ~