Thursday, January 22, 2015


Last evening we had a light dusting of snow which made everything sparkle in the morning sunshine.  Beautiful, just wish every Winter day was like today.   Yes, we have lovely blue skies and bright sun shining in my windows today.  The temp is -4*C, however, there is a lot of heat from that big ball of fire in the sky.

Walked for 3 kms this morning, and feeling much better for it.   Hope to get another 3 done tomorrow so that will give me a total of 14 kms for this week.  

Yesterday, the de cluttering of my filing cabinet was on top of the things to do list. Wanting to make sure nothing was destroyed by mistake I read everything before shredding  it.  It took a long time, however, I did get rid of a lot of old and unwanted papers.     It filled two large bags, however, won't be able to put them out for pick up until next weeks garbage day.  Because of that task, which had to be taken care of, no sewing was done.  I am taking some time this afternoon to sew some more blocks.

Must not waste time here, so better get moving.

Have a great day.


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Faye Henry said...

Hello.. Just happened to come across your blog and noticed you are in Canada as am I.. I also love anything UK and enjoyed reading your blog.. Was wondering if you on the East Coast.. We live in New Brunswick.. Hope to get to know you.. Blessings..