Tuesday, January 13, 2015


After a beautiful sun rise the sun is still streaming through the windows as I write this morning.   Icicles almost two feet long are hanging from the roof, and it is very cold.  Low last night was -20*C.

No sewing done yesterday and none will get done today. I do have the binding to sew down on my DD2 quit, so will make sure that hand sewing project will accompany me in the future.

Not much news today,


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Mary said...

Wow Patricia, stay away from those dagger-like icicles, they sound ominous! You are in the grips of a real northern winter now and I'm sure being cozy at home is the best, and safest, place.
We're cooling off again and freezing rain possible tonight. I have a hair appt. tomorrow at noon so may require a chauffeur - I dislike driving in icy conditions!

Take care - Mary