Sunday, January 4, 2015

Catching Up..

I have been away from blogger for a long time, so taking my time to catch up on everyone's blog.
There is a lot of reading to do, so I may not comment on your past postings.  Promising to comment on your 2015 posts. 

Side streets in the city are still very messy, the main ones are looking quite good.  Over night the temp rose a bit, and now it is above zero so some of the snow and the ice has melted, however, the forecast is saying colder temps are on the way.  It is January in South Western Ontario so can't expect anything more than the weather we have currently.

Going to the movies this afternoon to see "The Imitation Game", we saw "Unbroken"  last week.  It was very well done and we enjoyed it.


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Mary said...

Glad to see you back here dear - keep it up, you were missed.
Happy, healthy New Year, may it be wonderful and special for you!
Mary -