Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snow, snow and more snow

It came down all day yesterday, finally stopping around 6 p.m.  So how much did we get, I took a ruler and measured the pile on the front deck wooden inches.  Mind you it all looks very nice, light and fluffy on all of the tree branches and hanging over the eaves....BUT.  this stuff has to be removed from my driveway.  Did I tell you  I hate Winter?

I started to shovel this a.m. and half way through the process my neighbour used his snow blower to remove the rest.  It was not too difficult to move due to it being the light, dry fluffy kind of snow.  No good for making a snowman as it does not stick together, not that I was inclined.   It is very cold but the sun is trying very hard to break though the clouds.  I HATE Winter.

The street is still snow covered even though the ploughs have been by a couple of times.  Have not seen the trucks which spread the salt and sand so it must be too cold for that to melt the snow.  I was planning to visit my Mother today, however, thought better of it.  Don't like travelling on the country roads by myself.   Not much traffic uses them and it is so easy to get into difficulties when they are covered with snow.   I do have an emergency kit in the trunk which contains extra gloves, scarves, coat and lined snow pants along with a good pair of walking boots and a snow shovel.  Reminder to myself to put in a candle and matches and also some of those chocolates that I have been eating.  I really do HATE Winter.

De-cluttering was done in my bedroom yesterday morning and I have a large bag of clothes for the thrift shop and a small bag for the garbage.   I use my  old socks for dusters, handy to just fit over my hand and get into all those nooks and crannies.    

Sewing all afternoon and got a good head start on the blocks for my DD2's quilt.  Happy with the progress I made.  Plan on a couple of hours of sewing this afternoon.



Hazel said...

It certainly is cold ,with more snow to come tomorrow .Stay in and keep warm , thats what I plan to do .

Barb H said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day--a little outdoor exercise, some housekeeping chores, and an afternoon of sewing. Probably interspersed with a cup or two of tea. That's my idea of a good winter day! Stay warm!