Saturday, January 10, 2015


Where has this week gone, it couldn't go fast enough for me.   It has been a snowy, blowy and cold week.   The city streets are looking drivable, thanks to the snow ploughs, salt, sand, a little heat from the sun, and of course the traffic.

Schools were closed for two days due to the weather, and I am sure a lot of people were not able to get to work.

DD1 left a message on FB for me today, only 72 days until Spring and those days can't go by fast enough.   Not that I am wishing my life away, I just don't like Winter any more.  When the children were young we used to be out in all kinds of Winter weather, so I am beginning to think not liking it now is an" age thing".  The grey cloudy days cause me to be very lazy, a mild case of SAD?

Yesterday I did attached the binding to my DD2's  quilt now have to hand stich it down, something that can be done in front of the TV in the evenings.    Also worked on DD1's blocks.    Keep on forgetting to charge battery for camera., so no photo's yet.

My friend has only five more treatments next week and then he is all finished.   Tests at a later date will indicate if they were successful.   The prognosis was good prior to the treatments so we expect a positive report.

Taking advantage of the cheaper hydro rate to do some laundry, so should now get it in the dryer.

Have a great day.

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