Monday, January 5, 2015


"The Imitation  Game", was an excellent movie and would recommend it, we both enjoyed  it very much.

Turned cold overnight, with an additional inch of snow, the sun is trying to get through the clouds as I write, but thinking it won't be too successful today.  Hoping we don't have a lot of additional snow during the day as I have to drive out of town to the restaurant for our guild's holiday dinner and secret Santa gift exchange tonight. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.  The highway's are usually cleared of snow and ice fairly quickly so don't expect any major problems.

Need to do a bit more de cluttering and cutting fabric for a DD1's quilt, so I better make this post short and get moving.

Update:  Now we have beautiful blue skies and sunshine, however, a bitter cold wind is keeping the temps down.



Barb H said...

I'm "enjoying" the same frigid weather as you, I think. Out in it all day yesterday but staying indoors today. Hope you will too. BTW, when I try to email you, it bounces right back. Have you changed your email address?

Barb H said...

I'm "enjoying" the same frigid weather as you and will be staying in the house today. Hope you are doing the same. BTW, Patricia, when I try to reply to your emails, my message gets bounced back. Do you have a new address?

Mary said...

Brrrr! Know the cold weather your way is headed here now - we'll get blasted tonight!

Hugs - Mary