Wednesday, March 11, 2015


A thick pea soup fog this morning, now at 10:15 a.m. the sun has burned it off, and Wednesday is looking as if it will be a lovely day.   Temp is above the freezing mark and more snow will be melting today.

Warm sunny days and cool nights are required for the sap to start running in the maple trees, so this week's weather is ideal for the people making maple syrup. The cold weather and deep snow has delayed the tapping of the trees, so the sunny days are a welcome sight.

When we came to Canada in 1954,  my parents tried making maple syrup.  They did not have the proper equipment but "made do" with an odd assortment of containers to collect the sap.  They did not realize the boiling process would take so long, however, we did end up having enough syrup to pour on our pancakes.  They did learn a lot from that first Spring and over the years made enough syrup for our own consumption.  Have you every made maple syrup?

Well, I did not get as much sewing done on the weekend as I had hoped, got busy doing some Spring cleaning instead.  De-cluttering and doing some cleaning at my house today, but hope to get in the sewing room after dinner.   We advanced our clocks one hour on the weekend, so now we have a lighter evenings, which makes me feel like doing something constructive after dinner.

Have a great day



Barb H said...

The other day I was thinking about the syrup farmers around here. We're having warm days and nights so that's not so good. For their sakes, I hope it starts cooling off a bit at night. I tapped the maples once and made syrup. I love the stuff but now I buy it from our local supplier. There's nothing better!

Gill - That British Woman said...

never made maple syrup but I saw all the buckets hanging from the trees around here on the weekend.