Monday, March 16, 2015

Everything is now legal...........................

For three days last week I had an electrician update all of my electric wiring and install a breaker panel.   One more thing completed before the house goes on the market.

On Friday the power had to be disconnected, I could not do anything that required electricity, so  did some hand sewing and went through a lot of photographs.   Oh my, the laughs I had over the hair styles and clothes people were wearing in these pictures, I was able to get a lot accomplished.

Our quilting guild is having a challenge,  all of us was given two pieces of the same fabric which can be used to create a quilty project, of course there were rules and regulations concerning this project which is due at April's meeting. This was the project on which I was working on on Friday.  Like how it is coming along, will show pictures after our April meeting.

Saturday, we went to my great grandson's fifth birthday party, where did that time go.  He is feeling so much better since having his tonsils and adenoids out a couple of weeks ago. 

Mild weather continues and is melting the snow, sunshine today is filtered through some high clouds, however, temp is suppose to be 10*C.   Snow drops are blooming in the garden..............Spring is not too far away.

Have a great day.


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Mary said...

Hi dear, are you planning a move? I've been reading back - I'm behind with comments - and loved the Niagara visit post - wish you'd taken some pics!!! It sounded awesome - I've only visited in Summertime.

Glad your great grandson is feeling better after his surgery - I remember having mine done in England when I was about the same age - it seemed everyone went through that at home when we were kids in the '40's!

Hope Spring is just around the corner for you - this past winter has certainly been cold and snowy up there!

Happy week - hope the quilting project goes well.
Hugs - Mary