Thursday, March 26, 2015

Snow again........................

During the past few days we have had temps on the plus side of zero and yesterday some rain so a lot of our snow has melted.  The only snow left was in the shade and where drifts had piled it a bit deeper. That was, everything is white again.  Yes, it is snowing again, however, these flakes are big and wet, and hopefully they won't stay around too long.   I must admit it does look pretty as they fall onto the branches of the trees and shrubs.  However, I have had enough of pretty and want to see some green grass and colourful Spring flowers in my garden.

Yesterday afternoon I worked in my sewing room, making the block for our  guilds April meeting.  Then I started to cut fabric, you know the bits and pieces that are not much good for anything.  But I was able to get a lot of six, five and four inch squares cut, which are now separated into piles according to colour.  Today, I am going to finish our guilds challenge project which is due for our April meeting, can't show it yet but will after that meeting.

Our March meeting is tonight, I always look forward to these  meetings, such a great bunch of ladies who do some amazing things with fabric.  The block colours for tonight's meeting is black, white and grey and can be any pattern, as always these blocks look great when put together even though different shades of the required colours are used.  As I have mentioned previously these blocks are made into quilts for the chemo patients at our local hospital.

This isn't getting anything done so must go.

Have a great day.



Mary said...

. . . . . but hopefully these big, wet flakes will soon be just a memory of the what feels like the longest winter ever perhaps?
Don't put those boots away yet!
I'm actually digging mine out for this weekend - we're off to Washington DC and it's going to be cold there too.

Happy weekend - Spring weather IS coming.
Mary -

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am having a sewing day today. Just having a quick break for a cup of tea.