Friday, February 6, 2015

As promised....

.......................the camera battery is charged.

As I have previously mentioned, I am making six lap top quilts for the "Guixi" girls.   My youngest daughter and hubby, along with five other couples all met when this group was going to China to adopt their 9 month old daughters.  These babies were all in the same Guixi orphanage during the first months of their lives and adopted at the same time. 

During the past 16 years these families have had weekend reunions in the Summer and these girls have become very close,  sisters is the way they describe themselves.   Now all of the girls are 17 years old  (I should call them young ladies) and will soon be heading farther afield to universities or colleges and in the years to come work and/or travel could take them to places unknown.   These yearly reunions could be coming to an end, however, I wanted to make something that each one of them could take with them, wherever they go, to keep their "sisters" close.  I know social media can do that, however, I wanted something more personal.  

At last year's reunion I had each girl write something and sign a 6 1/2 inch piece of fabric, they did not know why and still have no idea. 

This past week I have started to make the blocks and below is the one I will be making.

These are a few of the oriental themed fabrics I am using for the blocks.  

I am going to add additional blocks,  to bring it to the lap top size.

In August it is my daughters turn to host the reunion, and I plan to give the girls,  young ladies their quilts at that time.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

what a wonderful idea. They will be pleased.