Monday, February 23, 2015

Too nice to stay in today.......

When we woke up this a.m. the sun was just starting to rise with a promise of a sunny day, grant you it was to be very cold, but just too nice to stay inside.

Recently there has been several articles on TV and in the newspaper concerning the very cold temperatures which has caused a lot of ice to form at Niagara Falls.  In previous Winters the weather never seemed to co-operate for me to see it cloaked in ice.   So today being a nice sunny day we loaded the car with our Winter coats and boots and also some warm scarves, hats and mitts and went for a drive.

The Falls were quite spectacular, with huge mountains of ice estimated to be at least ten stories high, the river was completely frozen over and the mist covered the trees and the metal and brick railings with a thick coating of ice.  Didn't have my camera with me so sorry no photo's. Due to the extremely cold temperatures which have been gripping the area for some time, the ice is very thick and is estimated to take until June to completely melt.

It is off season around the falls area and it was like a ghost town, many hotels and bed and breakfasts' were closed, as were some restaurants and the always present  attractions which lure you in to see their strange presentations.

My social life seems to be cutting in on the sewing time,  so no stitches done today.  If the weather is still fine tomorrow I am off to see my Mum, but do plan on being home earlier enough to get into the sewing room for an hour or two.  

Well, had a full day so it is getting time for bed.

Hope you all had a good day.



Gill - That British Woman said...

I would like to see the Falls this time of year. Don't think it will happen this year as I am still full of cold.

quiltfool said...

About 20 years ago, i had the chance to go to the falls in February. It was truly magnificent. Unfortunately, i wasnt dressed warm enough...what did the guy from Texas know? But i still was able to enjoy the view. Lane.