Wednesday, February 18, 2015


We had more snow overnight and light snow still coming down.   It is not as cold, did you notice I didn't say, it was warmer.   lol 

Another scheduled appointment missed by Bell Canada, yep....... they were a no show again yesterday.  My calls to them are transferred to representatives  all over the world, however, they are unable to have a technician, who more than likely lives in the same city as me, come and fix my phone.

But....they are coming today.............we shall see.
Went to dinner and theatre with friends last night, the play was OK, not one that I would say, you have to see it.   However, it's always a good evening with these "girls" even if the performance is not to our liking. 

Don't really need to go out today, so it is going to be a full day of sewing.   Hoping to have a big pile of blocks finished by days end.

No much else to say today,

Hope you have a great day.


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