Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Frustrated ............

So it's been ten (10) days, and frustrated is putting it mildly as my phone is still not repaired.

 Called Ma Bell again today, the young man I was talking to was very pleasant but speaking with an accent that was difficult for me to understand, so I asked him where he was located..........."India".......was his reply.  I then requested to speak with someone located in Canada, " Can I speak French" he said to me.   Me to him, "No, what difference should that make", He, "There are only French speaking Bell technicians in Canada that could help me over the telephone". 
What.....Bell Canada.....Eh.

So to put a long story short, by long I mean a call of almost an hour!!!!  Another technician is coming to my house sometime this afternoon to see what the problem is.  

Going in my sewing room this afternoon and busy myself in the quilt blocks I am making, so as to forget how mad, angry, frustrated and other words which I will not print here to describe how I feel about Bell.

Hope you are having a great day.



sweet blondie blue eyes said...

I hope you get your phone problem sorted today.

I am working on the sample blocks for the quilting group, could not understand why the block were coming out undersize using the 1/4" foot. So I tried moving the needle 2 points towards the foot edge, exact 1/4 when I compared it with the needle in the usual place it was just 1/16th further across, so now I have to remember to move my needle further across to wards the foot when I am patch working. Put a label on to remind me. AArrgggghhhhhh

Gill - That British Woman said...

Pat I feel your pain I really do. I can't even give you any words of wisdom other than go onto Bell Canada's Facebook page and write them a public message of this whole sorry mess. You should get a reply right away. I did that, and they got back to me. However in the mean time, I got someone else to sort out the issue. Bell doesn't like negative comments on their Facebook page...LOL

Hazel said...

Good luck with this problem ,I left Bell 10 years ago for the same reason .

Barb H said...

I share your frustration. It's become so hard to get good service these days. But what else can you do except keep trying? Let's hope this afternoon the problem sill be fixed.