Saturday, June 1, 2013


To take advantage of the cheaper ?? electric /hydro I now do my laundry on Saturday.  Today was a bit iffy to hang on the line, but eventually it did dry, thanks to the stiff breeze.  Just finished ironing, all done now until next week.

As I was ironing a few days ago I burnt the palm side of two fingers on my right hand, (now I am almost healed) and I mentioned it on my FB page,.  I could not believe the comments I received..."if you plug that thing in it gets hot?", "I thought it was a kitchen decoration", "iron, what is iron?" and on and on it went.  So I got thinking.  Do you iron?

I know my quilty friends do, but do you iron clothes?  I am dating myself here, however, I grew up and was a young home maker prior to the permanent press age, when you had to  iron practically everything.   You were one of the lucky ones if you had a steam iron, so the task really wasn't a pleasant one.   After damping the clothes I would put them in the freezer, couldn't leave them in the basket for too long in the Summer heat and humidity, they would go mouldy,  (no A/C either), so  I would  take out a few at a time.  As I remember, the frozen clothes did not cool you off.

So back to my question -- Do you have an "ironing" day  to press your clothes after you do your laundry?   Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel neat and tidy unless my clothes are wrinkle free. 



silversewer said...

I iron very little now, but I do iron sheets , duvet covers and pillow cases, I love seeing nicely ironed sheets on the bed.

I do still press OH's trousers and iron his shirts if he wears one, apart from the odd thing of mine thats it, way less than I used to. I remember ironing nappies years ago!!! What was that all about? but then I used to polish the toilet seat as well.

Sarah Jane said...

Oh, yes I like to iron everything except towels and underwear. There is nothing nicer than getting into a bed with crisp unwrinkled sheets and pillowcases and there is no way I would be comfortable wearing anything that needs a press. I have my ironing board set up in a spare bedroom and try to get the laundry done as soon as it is dry. I rather think, though, that you and I are in the minority.

quiltfool said...

There was a time that I ironed everything before it went into the closet. These days, I just iron what I need, when I need it. It creates that wonderful sense of tension while I race the clock to be on time to work. Lane

Livin' Blue Quilter said...

Yes, I still iron. I don't like it but because of the swamp-like heat and humidity in my area, I wear a lot of I iron a lot. And of course, I press open seams on my quilt tops.

cottonreel said...

I iron most things and I like to spray starch my pillow cases .
It's an age thing I suppose .
Sorry about your fingers , I burn myself on the oven quite often .

saving for travel said...

Yes I iron all my clothes for school.
I iron tshirts and shirts and trousers/jeans.

I don't iron any bedwear, our bedding or underwear. Just don't have time.

I can't believe someone could get away with not ironing anything.

I do hope your fingers are better soon.

Sft x